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Benefit of Huddle Rooms For Greater Employee Collaboration

July 21, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Office with 0


Businesses have come into agreement that the traditional top-down structure in the workplace does not encourage innovative ideas or robust problem-solving.  Adding a tech-savvy workforce and corporations start looking towards technology-based solutions to provide agile answers to elicit a paradigm shift to greater employee collaboration.

Multiple, media-rich huddle rooms are gaining wide-spread acceptance as a preferred collaboration means over the 'gold standard'; while large, extravagantly-designed conference rooms, packed with the latest technology - but are often unavailable due to prior scheduling.

Huddle rooms offer intimate and results-oriented communications - as opposed to enduring large staff meetings and long monologues. Even within limited square footage, cleverly designed huddle rooms will incorporate both interactiveinter and wireless technology:
  • Digital whiteboard supports remote attendees when paired with HD video conferencing units

  • Sound and rich-media settings to ensure high-quality audio calls, video conferencing and recording

  • Cableless table for attendees to wirelessly connect mobile devices, regardless of technology platform or cable connection type

  • Video conferencing solutions that provide the same robust features as the 'executive boardroom'

  • Wall-mounted display (preferably at eye-level) such as an LCD/ LED monitor or TV to provide screen sharing and viewing of presentations by remote groups

When you install properly equipped huddle rooms, you effectively add value to under-utilized spaces, provide an important mixture to open work spaces and telecommuting, and encourage ad-hoc meetings of distributed work teams.

Finally, consider the room's acoustics and lighting. Acoustical insulation can reduce noise leakage into and out of the huddle room, while a full-room coverage microphone will reduce native ambient noise. Provide lighting control to supplement natural lighting or provide suitable darkness for video presentations.


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