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Enhance Your Video Collaborations with the Cisco Spark Room Kit

December 08, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Conference Room with 0


The culture of video conferencing is increasingly becoming popular in both SMEs and large enterprises, and in the next few years it is bound to replace audio conferencing calls. This is because live video conferences are more effective compared to phone calls, and they don't require as many resources and scheduling time as traditional meetings do. 

The Cisco Spark Room Kit brings more life and clarity to your conference rooms with its highly advanced voice capturing technology and discreetly integrated speakers for ideal framing of every speaker's face. The Spark Room Series has the Spark Room Kit and Spark Room Kit Plus which are designed for small and large rooms respectively. 

How the Spark Room Kit Enhances Your video Collaborations

  • It has a stunning 4K resolution

    Clarity is the essence in live video conferences, and the Spark Room kit helps you to achieve it with precision. From image display to capturing motions, and enhancing the lucidity of your presentations, the Room Kit has it all figured out. It also supports dual screens, enabling you to share content on two separate screens simultaneously. 
  • It has an intelligent built-in sensor for automatic activation

    The Room Kit has a walk-in activation sensor that switches it on when you enter the meeting room. With its integrated intelligence, it saves you time since you don't have to set it up and power it on manually. It also has the ability to count the number of participants in the conference and avail analytics for resource planning accordingly. 
  • You can control it directly using your smart gadgets

    Cisco Spark Room Kits can be controlled effortlessly using smart devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This feature improves collaboration in the meeting room and makes it easier for participants to share information. 

We are now offering a special new offer of Cisco Spark Room Kit Demonstration with our professionals in Komstadt Systems. You just simply fill in the basic contact details, then you will be contacted in a week for a valuable demonstration with us! What are you still hesitating? Please click the green button below!


Cisco Spark Room Kit Demonstration

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