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Features Comparison: Evoko Liso vs Crestron Room Solutions

January 19, 2018 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Conference Room with 0

for-every-room@2x-1024x619.jpgCompanies are seeking new ways to organize meeting space and make it more efficient. They want complete transparency so that there are no disputes and everyone can find the room they are assigned to. Lastly, they want to know who will be in the meetings with them and easily identify the time and schedule. For that reason, there are two software solutions that are helping companies with these issues. The Evoko Liso and Crestron Enterprise Room Scheduler both do a good job, but are slightly different.

Crestron Enterprise Room Scheduler


The Crestron Enterprise Room Scheduler is a comprehensive platform that has set the standard for the industry. It allows participants to transparently schedule their rooms so that everyone on the system knows when, where and how many are involved in each meeting. The signs outside the door are automatically updated so that members know when they have arrived at the correct room.

The main difference that it has with the Liso is the assistance with actually locating the correct room. The Crestron has maps and GPS to help participants find the room in a location where there are many confusing possibilities.

Evoko Liso


Evoko Liso offers many of the same features as the Crestron. It lets people book rooms and allows all participants to know who is in the meeting. Of course, it prevents double bookings and clears up confusion about who gets each room at what times. The Liso focuses more on the user interface and the sleek design that is more intuitive than the Crestron. It has some of the Apple iOS look and feel.

The biggest difference is the analysis and optimization features. The Liso provides analytical insights into how the organization is using meeting space. Additionally, it will suggest the optimal meeting space based on the number of people and the other meetings that are occurring at the same time. This makes it much simpler on the participants.

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