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Poly Studio X30 VS. X50: Which is better and Why?

November 29, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category

Poly Studio X30 VS. X50: Which is better and Why?

All business meetings require conference rooms. Most businesses rent conference rooms which are very expensive. Renting a conference room every time the organization is having a meeting can be time consuming, that's why having your own conference hall is the best solution. With the new technology there is reliable solutions for conference rooms. An example is Poly X studio that are created to offer best solutions to conference halls of various sizes and types.

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Poly X Series

Poly studio X gives organizations a chance to improve their meetings because even with your PC at your desk you can easily connect to a conference room. Poly X also suppresses all kinds of noises in the conference room.


Differences between Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X30

It is designed mainly with smaller rooms in mind. Poly X30 has a recommended number of participants as 6, maximum number of speakers should be one because it was designed for smaller rooms. For Poly X30 the camera zoom is 4X, it only supports one monitor and it's a little bit cheaper compared to Poly X50.

Poly Studio X50

Poly X50 was created to be used in bigger conference rooms. The recommended number of participants for Poly X50 is up to ten and two speakers are allowed. Poly X50 can support two monitors at the same time also Poly X50 has a camera zoom in of 5X and it's a bit expensive compared to Poly X30.


Consider applying new technologies in the conference rooms and see the benefits they bring. Also check to buy original poly X, poly X30 and poly studio X50,since there might be imitators always check for manufactures label in order to understand how to operate those bars effectively, with this you can be sure to hold conference meetings with ease.



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