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Liso-product-pic_530-_530.jpgMeeting management technology is changing the way that teams collaborate and organize their projects. With an increasing trend towards globalization, companies need meeting management tools more than ever. With Evoko Room Manager, an intuitive solution to meeting room management is presented. Evoko assures meeting management tactics are optimized. Needless to say, meeting rooms can be valuable real estate in co-work and conferences rooms within mixed use buildings. Many people are seeking use of conference rooms means it is easier than ever to double book or interfere with someone else's meeting. It is important to make sure that meeting spaces are used in an effective way.

Punctuality & On Topic

Evoko ensures that all relevant parties were notified of start times, so excuses related to confusion over this aspect need not exist. Evoko can also assist meeting organizers by listing topics for discussion before the meeting.  Agenda is an often overlooked part of meetings that organize the important points of a meeting.


Evoko has a key feature to update meeting status for others who are seeking to book the meeting room. This is a very basic feature that allows all members of a team to stay updated.  If a sudden change is needed, you only need to change booking status at the touch screen, not having to coordinate with other team leaders or individuals through phone or by face-to-face.

Evoko Liso on wall

While working on site within a building possessing less than the optimal number of meeting rooms, it can be common to overbook time while one team didn't get the memo. Evoko is an easy way around double bookings and confusion. Double bookings can occur when two meetings are scheduled by members of one meeting do not have a way to communicate with the other party regarding the schedule change. Meeting interruptions can also occur when a room that is assumed to be open is actually occupied due to a happenstance booking that day.

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