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    Three Key Components of Network Security

    April 28, 2017 by Komstadt's Network Team in category Network Security

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    Part of the revolution we experience in the world presently, is as a result of digitization. Our way of living and doing things has also changed. In protecting your organization's reputation, it is imperative to protect its network against any unauthorized access. No enterprise small, medium or large should overlook their network security. Effective network security targets various threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. Therefore, it is paramount to observe the following key components.

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    Commercial Wireless LAN solution 

    Wireless technology is exploding in popularity. The demand for wireless technology is as a result of the need to have a secure network within organizations. In choosing the most reliable commercial wireless solution for your business, it is important to look beyond the services available.


    Network Vulnerability Assessment 

    Unprotected WLANs is prone to several potential risks, to the extent that even a low-tech hacker may disrupt company operations. That is due to the launch of wireless packet floods against your internet up-link, nearby servers, or your APs. All these are potential problems.

    As such, it is critical for organizations to identify and assess the business assets that are vulnerable to damages, loss, or theft. Doing so saves the business precious time and money for use in taking shots in the dark.


    Network Penetration Testing 

    An organization also needs to identify and understand its vulnerabilities and diligently work towards mitigating the same before they happen. Through penetration testing with sophisticated tools and techniques, an enterprise can reveal all possible opportunities for hackers to compromise systems and networks.

    After a comprehensive penetration test, your organization can view its system as both the hacker and a network security specialist, to identify what you need to improve. Get in touch with us now for more information!



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