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Using Samsung Flip 2 for conference meetings

November 15, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category

Samsung Flip 2

Samsung is one of the popular electronic brands all-round the globe. Samsung has proven to take care of customers' needs most comfortably and straightforwardly. With the even recent invention of Samsung Flip 2, it has made conferencing much more comfortable and more straightforward. The Samsung Flip 2, which is available in two sizes, the 55 inches, and the 65 inches, is one of the best conferencing tools for your meetings. The device seems to offer the most solutions for room conferencing. Let's see some benefits of Samsung Flip 2.

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Improves flexibility

With the 55-inch model which offers the user with a hinge assembly structure and wheels, it becomes easier to enhance flexibility by transforming any given location regardless of the condition of the room into a meeting room. It allows you to work with multiple units to create enough space. Also, the 65 inch provides a larger screen that can be used in meeting rooms as the main display.

User-friendly menu

Flip 2 creates a user-friendly menu, which saves time and simple navigation. Users can directly and easily preview content and even make changes with the quicker finder feature Flip 2 provides. Flip 2 users can also access up to 20 pages of writing space with the help of the available search functionalities to direct participants instantly to specific content.

Easy installation

The no-gap wall mount gets to remove unnecessary space between the wall and display hence creating room for an easy and cleaner installation. You don't have to waste so much time focusing on facilitating and how to bring out the best. Samsung Flip 2 solves all your problems for you.

Easy configuration to meet unique meeting demands

The Flip 2 tool display offers configuration to portrait or even landscape orientations to suit unique conference demands. You can maximize even the writing space to users' preferred positions when Flip 2 is coupled together with its height-adjustable stand. If a meeting requires more discussion styles, users can always remove and connect the display of Flip 2 to a compatible wall mounting.

Offers room for connection

With Flip 2, if a user is interested in displaying project content to another Realtime sizeable digital display will be able to do so using HDMI or even WIFI connection. Shows for Flip 2 can also be shared while being connected to a personal device, which is the best ideal for large conference rooms.

Bottom tip

If you want a cheaper easy to use, user-friendly tool for your meetings, then the best choice is the Samsung Flip 2. The tool solves all your room meetings problems in just a small period.



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