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MXA910 Ceiling Microphone Is a Great Choice for Meeting Rooms

October 06, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Conference Room with 0


Getting adequate audio coverage in meeting rooms can be difficult. Different types of groups can require different types of recording setups. Tabletop microphones take up space and bodies, chairs and other objects block sound waves, making recording difficult. The MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone offers up a variety of versatile features that make capturing sound sources in large or small rooms with multiple speakers easy.

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Ceiling Mounted

The MXA910 is a flat panel-shaped microphone that can be installed in areas with regular or drop ceilings.  Since it is positioned overhead, the MXA910 doesn't have messy wires, networking or power cables to trip over.

Visual Appeal

The most attractive recording device is one that doesn't take the focus away from your meetings. The MXA910 can be installed flush inside rooms with drop ceilings. For installation in areas without, mounting options include a drop-pole mount that is both attractive and minimalistic. LED lights to indicate usage modes are fully configurable and may be dimmed or disabled. The entire recording unit is designed to blend into its surroundings, meaning it won't become an interruptive focal point.

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Using the IntelliMix® DSP Suite the MXA910 can capture audio with up to 8 beams of configurable overhead coverage from a single mounted unit. That means better audio pickup that can be configured to suit all the different setups you might require, from small meetings to seminars.

If you require more than one unit your entire system can be configured and reconfigured painlessly using Designer System Configuration Software. Because it is designed to work with multiple types of software and controllers the MXA910 is able to offer versatile audio capture in a variety of spaces.

The MXA910 is an excellent addition to any meeting area. It provides an attractive but non-invasive alternative to bulky table microphones and provides superior, configurable audio coverage in a variety of situations.


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