3 Key Benefits of Studying Workplace Utilization


Productivity is often difficult to measure for businesses large and small. Understanding what employees need in order to be as productive as possible can be difficult to ascertain and measure, especially in larger organizations. 

What many businesses do not always understand is the impact of the workplace itself as a factor for productivity, and the role of overall workplace design on employees. However, by using workplace design strategically, companies can easily create a productive and relaxing work environment that leads to increased productivity.

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That is essentially what workplace utilization involves. By studying how employees use the workplaces itself, companies can derive major benefits for their overall bottom line. Here are just some of the benefits of workplace utilization studies:

1. Learn more about how employees use the space

The major benefit of these studies is that you are able to establish a baseline that will guide the rest of the process. Do employees even use the workplace? If so, what are they most likely to use – meeting rooms, or do like meeting informally in common spaces? What is the current volume of office space usage? These are just some of the questions that must be asked in order to create a future plan.

2.  Improving current operations

Once you have established the gaps in your workplace, you can work on improving operations and office space in order to suit employee needs better. If employees are hesitant to use spaces or gravitate more towards certain spaces than others, use that feedback to create an office space that reflects these needs rather than sticking to reformulated office spaces.

3.  Preparing for the future

Businesses grow and change, and it is essential to understand how the current headcount of employees use the workplaces – as well as whether the current space will be able to adjust and grow with the company. Think about the future of the business and what changes might be needed to accommodate those changes in your workplaces.

Preparing for the future starts with studies like these since you will know exactly what resources must be dedicated to ensure that your workplace will be able to handle the growth of the business.

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