5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Intelligent Booths

5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Intelligent Booths - Blog Cover

Many workplaces are embracing the open floor plan. This plan helps maximize space, reduce costs, and make employees more productive and collaborative. Additionally, it solves the problem of employee isolation.

However, while an open floor plan offers all these benefits, it’s not perfect. It is associated with office noise and increased distractions that can lower productivity levels.

Note that the open-plan design eliminated the walls and closed offices that were used to offer privacy. So, how can companies ensure quiet places without changing the nature of an open-plan office? By adding an intelligent booth. Today, we will talk about intelligent booths and how they can increase productivity in the office.

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What Is an Intelligent Booth?

It’s also known as a meeting mode and is a freestanding closed cubicle that can accommodate one or two or more persons. Individuals can use it to talk or escape office noise in an open workplace

Unlike before, companies these days have taken steps to design a modern and good-looking cubicle. Some companies furnish the booth with a desk, chairs, electrical outlets, and other decorative items. 

Well, while the cubicle is compact, it has enough space where employees can make a phone call, hold meetings, collaborate, do their work, or even sit back and unwind away from their desks.

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Benefits of Intelligent Booths in the Workplace

Intelligent booths can transform the workplace environment and increase workers’ productivity. If you have an open-plan workplace, booths are integral as they allow employees to conduct private conversations, among other things. 

Not sure whether or not to install an intelligent booth? Here are five reasons to motivate you:

1. It’s an Affordable Alternative

Transforming the workplace can be very costly. As such, many small companies are left stranded on what to do. However, installing an intelligent booth can help keep the transformation costs down. It introduces new functionality, design appeal, and working ways without breaking the bank.

For instance, individuals will not waste time looking for a meeting place. Therefore, if you need to create a room for meetings and don’t have enough cash saved for building or renting a new room, consider investing in an intelligent booth.

2. Great Meeting Place Integrated with AV Technology 

Intelligent booths offer privacy and create a space where various activities can be carried out professionally but in a motivating way. These include brainstorming sessions, workshops, and meetings.

As they provide flexible space, it allows room for creativity and focus in a more informal space compared to the traditional meetings that happen around a table.

Intelligent booths, when used for meetings, ensure privacy and descriptiveness. They also maintain the concentration of individuals who work outside them. 

Although the meeting should be designed professionally, the look should also be attractive and simple.

These spaces can be a real multimedia sound booth customizable with audio-visual technologies like video bars, screens, projectors, and laptops present. You can also include whiteboards that make the place cleaner and more organized.

3. Offers a Distraction-Free Zone, Comfort, and Choice

Some employees find it hard to concentrate in an environment where there’s too much noise and floor traffic. In that case, a work booth will be handy as it will offer a distraction-free working environment. As such, the worker will be able to concentrate on the work and remain productive.

But other than creating a distraction-free work environment, companies also need to allow employees to choose how and where they work. Thus, it calls for installing a comfortable work booth, where one can stay inside and work the whole day.

Today, work booths provide a comfortable environment with lighting, ergonomic seating, power charging, and temperature control features.

4. Offers Versatility to Suit Your Business Needs

Intelligent booths are designed in various sizes and shapes to suit a company’s operational needs. Therefore, you can invest in one that offers a workspace for only one person, four people, or even a nap pod.

Also, in case you want to make layout changes or move your office to a different location, you can easily move the booth without disrupting your office routine.

5. Comes With Booking System & Door Access Control

Other than providing an excellent spot for undivided concentration on work projects, intelligent booths can be complete with a built-in booking system that generates QR codes for door access. This allows simple scheduling and access tracking for booths, which can save time for employees who need a smooth workflow. Employees can set up a schedule, sign up for booth time, and know when a booth is occupied or about to be occupied based on the software — ultimately boosting employee productivity and work efficiency.

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to install a meeting pod in the workplace. They are affordable and easy to deploy, apart from the other benefits they offer. If you want to learn more about work booths and how to implement them in your office space, Komstadt is here for you. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can help transform your office.

5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Intelligent Booths - Blog Image
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