8 Reasons Why You Should Install Digital Signage In Your Workplace

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In a world crowded with advertising on every street corner and building, digital signage has become one of the most popular means to display a company’s features. But what exactly makes it so important in the workplace?

Digital signage offers a chance for elaborate, clear displays to promote your business and ensure a productive workflow within the organization. Besides being a continuous source of updated information, digital signage also provides a closer connection to the company and fosters a smart working culture. Below are 8 additional reasons why you should consider adding digital signage to your office.

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1. Unified communications across your office building

All messages can be managed by a central content management system, which means that you can send one single message to all your staff without having to single them out. Adopting streamlined communication across your office increases responsiveness from employees across all departments.

2. Team communications in the office

Digital signage in meeting areas, hallways, entranceways, pantry areas, etc. helps to keep everyone updated on the most recent news and upcoming company events. You can keep your team updated with team meetings, new product launches, marketing campaigns, the latest news, new services, and any changes to company policies.

3. Digital signage integrates company news and event calendars

With digital signals, your company can leverage digital content to create calendars that share work or event schedules as well as upcoming appointment times. This helps to keep your employees informed about daily tasks while saving time spent fielding general questions. 

4. Interactive wayfinding kiosks

Well-placed digital signage and kiosks can assist clients and visitors in finding their way to meeting rooms or lounge areas without the need to wait for an employee’s guidance. This helps to decrease stress for guests who are entering an unfamiliar environment and to create a comfortable environment for those returning. The guests will be able to browse any information they want at their own pace — freeing up your staff and increasing their efficiency at work.

5. Saves time

Preparing a printed, static sign is expensive, labor intensive, and time-consuming. This particular message can be prepared and presented more quickly with a digital sign. Adding to that, the repetitive expense of creating new signs as needs change versus updating a digital sign using a few strokes can be costly. 

6. Digital signage can be interactive

You can use digital signage to interact with your staff. For example, you can congratulate an employee on their promotion or great work by posting the greeting through screens visible to all in the office building. It is also a good way to introduce a new hire to everyone. This platform also has factors like QR codes that help share resources like links where everyone can learn more about the announcement.

7. Audience analytics

Using digital signage analytics, you can get critical data about how the audience interacts with the screen. This includes the audience’s demographics, preferences, and size. This way, you will be able to gauge your business’s advertising efforts and make a smart, calculated move.

8. It brings life to your workplace

Digital signage is flexible. They can act as dynamic wallpaper for your workplace, changing patterns, displays, and colors in a heartbeat to suit the mood you want to achieve in the office. 

For the above reasons, it is obvious to say that with digital signage, you have the power to spread your message in an entertaining, vivid, and captivating manner, and Komstadt will have you covered. Contact us today and we’ll get started on a great digital signage solution for your office.

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