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    Barco UniSee Revolutionizes the LCD Video Wall

    November 03, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Office

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    Finding the right way to display video in the office is often a struggle for many businesses. It is crucial to find a product where the technology is seamless, and the results are stunningly clear for others to see - without too many technical difficulties in the way.

    One product that bridges this gap perfectly well is Barco UniSee LCD Video Wall. It has a plethora of features that will make it a great solution for most offices - here are just a few:


    1) Uninterrupted viewing experience

    With its flawless design and technology, the Barco UniSee LCD Wall promises an uninterrupted and completely smooth viewing experience. The richness of colors, the absence of a tile gap and its design structure as a whole promises a great experience for viewers.


    2) No alignment issues

    The Barco UniSee LCD Wall also comes with the UniSee Mount, which is an innovative method to use the power of gravity to keep it aligned. The panels remain in place at all times, allowing for perfect alignment and no damage to the product itself.


    3) Always operational

    One of the biggest issues with having a video wall in place is connectivity and operation. After all, you do not want to be struggling with internet issues and other technical difficulties as you try to play an important video.

    Barco UniSee understands this and has created a product that is operational at all times. Moreover, the setup process for UniSee Connect ensures that is always be serviced or repaired if problems do arise in the future.

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    This product is the newest invention for Barco. If your office design is looking for video walls, or struggling how a video wall can fit in your office, we are more than happy to offer you a free consultation with our professionals! Please feel free to fill in the contact formjust few basic contact info, you will be contacted in a week.

    Meanwhile, here is a guide for you to download to get more insight about Smart Space, a technology design concept for open workplace. Enjoy!

    Download the Guide for Smart Space



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