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    Centerpiece: Sharp's First Windows Collaboration Display

    December 14, 2018 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Audio Visual, Smart Office, Smart Conference Room


    Offices will soon be able to go one step further into the future after harnessing some of the power of the IoT (internet of things). Sharp will soon be introducing their first Windows Collaboration Display, designed to work with Microsoft's Azure Digital Twins platform for quality meeting. The goal of Sharp's WCD is to create a more collaborative and productive environment for meeting spaces by monitoring key environmental factors.

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    Improving the Work Environment

    With their 70" interactive WCD, Sharp hopes to assist enterprise and small businesses in monitoring their collaboration spaces through the use of IoT sensors. The sensors monitor such things as ambient light, temperature, air quality and humidity levels, as well as meeting occupancy. The Sharp WCD works seamlessly with Microsoft's Azure Digital Twins platform and feeds environmental data back to facility managers and/or other interested parties. Through the sensor data feedback, the system helps facility managers better manage the heating and cooling aspects of work spaces, as well as make more efficient use of meeting areas through the elimination of under and over-booking meeting spaces and other rooms.

    More Collaboration

    Along with the close collaboration between Sharp's WCD and Microsoft's Azure Digital Twins platform, Sharp's WCD is also specifically designed to work with other Microsoft tools such as Office 365. Office 365 is already known for its ability to increase collaboration throughout work teams by acting as a main digital hub for team content, tools and conversations.

    Smart and Easy

    As regular buildings turn into smart buildings, Sharp's plan is to make the transition very easy for all interested parties. Their WCD is simple, yet effective. Simply plug it in and start working together. Their 70" interactive display offers both a 4 button active pen and a 30-point P-CAP Capacitive touch screen to allow for an intuitive touch experience. There is no need for any cabling to share information as it is all accomplished wirelessly through Sharp's integrated wireless casting.

    Businesses should look for the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display to be available in early 2019.



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