Comparing the Huddly GO and the Huddly IQ Cameras

Video conferencing has become more important than ever, with many companies performing much of their day-to-day communicating from remote locations. With this type of communication becoming so ubiquitous, both for meeting with fellow internal staff members and external clients, as well as vendors, video conferencing equipment has become the foundational component for facilitating effective communication. 

The Huddly GO

The Huddly GO’s 150° wide-angle camera allows every party in the room to be fully captured, whether the meeting space is a large open area, a medium-sized meeting room, or a small huddle area. The Huddly GO works discretely and independently, with multiple essential features operating automatically in the background. Some of the Huddly GO features include

  • An embedded mounting hinge — Allows attachment to any laptop, monitor or TV screen.
  • A tripod mount — Flexible mounting on tripods and Huddly mounting brackets. 
  • Dynamic lighting optimization — Hands-off, auto-adjustment for surrounding lighting conditions.  
  • Automatic dewarping — Real-time dewarping and correction of wide-angle image.
  • Automatic 180° image flip if the camera is mounted upside down.
  • Automatic noise filtering. 

The Huddly GO is aptly named because of its thoughtfully-designed features and seamless start-up. Simply unpack it from the box and connect it with the (included) USB cable. The Huddly GO works with both the Windows and Mac OS operating systems, along with Google Chromebooks. It is compatible with Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, and WebEx.

All in all, the Huddly GO couldn’t be more effortless. With its onboard neural engine, the Huddly GO independently and intelligently responds to the surrounding environment. The Huddly GO regularly improves its discrete, intuitive, and intelligent features through automatic software updates and enhancements.  

The Huddly IQ

The Huddly IQ is specifically designed for smaller spaces and is ideal for on-the-go and/or ad hoc video communication and huddles. The Huddly IQ can turn a small home office desktop or laptop into a professional, high-quality video conferencing experience, yet it is also robust enough to deliver amazing video results for smaller meetings and huddle groups that take place at the office.

As with the Huddly GO, the Huddly IQ also works discretely in the background with a simple attachment to its (included) USB cable. Some of the features of the Huddly IQ include

  • An embedded mounting hinge.
  • Camera tripod mount.
  • Embedded 5-element microphone array (optional).
  • Platform agnostic.
  • 120° horizontal field of view.
  • 90° vertical field of view.
  • 150° diagonal field of view.
  • Automatic scaling and dewarping.
  • Digital panning, tilt, and zoom up to 4 times.

The Huddly IQ’s neural engine employs Huddly’s impressive Genius Framing and Insight Analytics features to automatically detect and count the number of people and objects in the view, then frames them perfectly. As with the Huddly GO, the Huddly IQ automatically provides noise filtering, lighting optimization through Huddly’s AI-driven Portrait Lighting feature, along with the 180° image auto-flip when the camera is mounted upside down. The Huddly IQ is also easy to update by way of the Huddly app.   

The Huddly IQ works with Google Hangouts, as well as Zoom, and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams. By teaming up with any one of these platforms, the Huddly IQ allows an individual or a small group to engage in ad hoc, high-quality collaboration right on the spot. 

Similarities and Differences

Both the Huddly GO and Huddly IQ deliver an exceptional, easy-to-use video conferencing experience. The Huddly GO is designed with larger meetings in mind, whereas the Huddly IQ is perfect for the remote office worker, the professional small business user, or small group huddles. For interested parties, the Huddly IQ does offer the option of adding their software-enhanced, 5-element microphone array.  

If you’d like more information on Huddly‘s premier video conferencing experiences, please contact us.




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