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    Enhance Meeting Room Booking with the Extron Room Scheduling System

    December 22, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Conference Room


    The Extron Room Scheduling System is a complete room booking system that uses a combination of Room Agent software and TouchLink Pro Touchpanels. The touchpanels are optimized to work together with Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange to deliver a complete room booking solution to your facility and employees. The system displays comprehensive information about conference rooms on the touchpanel, allowing clients to schedule meetings and make reservations based on availability. Users can make bookings using the touchpanel or other connected devices including smartphones and tablets.

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    Why the Extron Room Scheduling System is the best technology for your facility?

    1. It does not need external processors or additional scheduling software

    Unlike other room booking appliances that require additional software for configuration, the Extron TouchLink Pro Touchpanels do not require intermediate servers or extra programming. Extron's free Room Agent software connects readily with Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. To have the system running, all you need to do is to connect the device to your computer, open the Room Agent software and key in the required user interface information.


    2. The TouchLink Pro Touchpanels avail all the information you need on conference rooms at a glance

    A quick look at the touchpanels allows users to know when a room is booked, occupied, and free. Information displayed on the touchpanels includes the venue, meeting subject, organizer, scheduled duration, and the projected time of extension. When a planned meeting ends, the system frees up the room and makes it available.


    3. The system allows users to book meeting rooms at the tap of a screen

    Reserving a conference room has never been easier. One can use the touchpanels, a computer, or smartphones as long as they are connected to Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.

    Other features of the Extron Room Scheduling System include multi-language support and multiple mounting options. The system supports more than 26 languages. You can mount the touchpanels in-wall, on-wall, or flat surfaces including granite and glass.



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