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    Enhancing Huddle Rooms with the Shure Microphone

    August 18, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Office


    There is no more potent combination than equipping your huddle rooms with the Shure Microflex Advance (MXA310). This intuitive, networked table array microphone is easy to use, supports automatic EQ, filters HVAC and fan noise, and comes in a sleek, understated form-factor.

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    Huddle rooms are the perfect accompaniment to an open floor plan office. But they need to offer more than a simple side space for teams to break off into; you need a teleconferencing solution as well, so teams can interact with outside collaborators in a space that doesn't contribute to distractions on the open floor part of the office.


    Simple Browser-Based Configuration

    The MXA310 has a straightforward browser-based access panel. Users can easily adjust coverage settings, automix parameters, and the manual equalizer within seconds, keeping the focus on the meeting itself.

    And the programmable mute switch allows operation through either the browser access panel or through compatible third-party systems.


    Dante Audio Network Support

    With easy routing of up to 4 discrete channels over your Dante audio network, the Microflex Advance table array mic is a perfect solution for inter-office communication between teams in separate huddle rooms as well.


    The Perfect Huddle Room Mic

    These features come in a deceptively small package with powerful audio options perfect for use in a small space. The innovative polar audio pattern system comes in four distinct, shapes. Choose the perfect one for your unique space, putting the audio capture focus on where people are, table-level, while filtering out ambient audio and other noises elsewhere.

    These features, combined with the aforementioned HVAC filtering support, add up to a table array mic that elevates the voices of people who need to be heard. Keep your team agile, with the ability to break off into a huddle room on a whim and have professional audio products for teleconferencing ready and adjusted for their particular needs within seconds.

    Moreover, if you are not sure how huddle rooms can fit your office? You can download our Guide for Smart Space to get a brief concept. Time to modernize your office with technology!





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