Evoko Naso — A New Dedicated Room Booking System Your Company Needs 

Evoko Naso — A New Dedicated Room Booking System Your Company Needs

There’s nothing as embarrassing as swinging open a door only to find a meeting in progress. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer this embarrassment anymore. With the stand-alone Evoko room booking system outside the meeting rooms, you can quickly tell their status. If the display glows green, the space is available, and if it’s red, it’s booked.

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Many room booking systems are available, but Evoko, a Swedish Company, offers the most stylish, easy to use, and efficient modern workplace solutions. Over the years, they’ve won awards for their innovation, user-friendliness, and impeccable design.

With the new Evoko Naso, they take the room booking experience to a whole new level and open new workplace coordination doors. Here’s a run-down of what to expect and how you’ll benefit from the new room booking system technology.

What are the new features that Evoko Naso has?

Users can book any space with the new Evoko Naso and request additional services like catering, AV equipment, or schedule other resources through their mobile devices.

Visitor and guest management is another valuable feature the Evoko Naso offers. With robust reporting, companies will have an easier time contacting tracing as we navigate these trying times.

Evoko Naso is made to be flexible and scalable to accommodate different types and sizes of work environments.

The stand-alone hardware is as beautiful as the Evoko Home system is simple to use. The hardware lights up either green or red along the edges and the back to alert users of room availability.

Before starting a meeting, the user has to check in with the Evoko Naso. This way, if anyone books the room and is a no show, the Evoko Naso knows to free up the room for other users.

The hardware can be mounted on solid or glass walls, which makes its installation a breeze. The Evoko Naso system also integrates with third-party control systems. So if you want the lights or air conditioner to turn on before the meeting or work in an RFID, you can do it with a few simple clicks.

What are the differences between Evoko Naso and Evoko Liso?

The release of the Evoko Naso wasn’t to replace the Evoko Liso. Evoko Liso remains a premium on-premise room booking system for companies who prefer having room booking solutions on site. On the other hand, the Evoko Naso is a cloud-based room booking solution.

Another key difference is that Evoko Liso comes as an all-in-one, one-time purchase while the Evoko Naso offers basic booking functions and a wide range of add-on features through their subscription packages.

What are the package options from Evoko Naso room booking system?

Evoko Naso offers three packages including;

  • Rose
  • Pepper
  • Guava

Rose offers an added layer of function, allowing for automatic registration when people enter a meeting room along with complete catering options when booking a room. The package also allows users to add maps into the system to guide customers through the building or ad APIs for integration and automation. It offers a mobile app through which attendees can find suitable meeting spaces and book it on the go.

Pepper offers seamless coordination across all workspaces. If a company has an on-demand meeting room, it ensures different people use it at different times. Attendees can also use the system to locate other attendees physically. The data collected can help the company improve its services.

Guava allows for personalized welcoming of visitors and getting relevant information about the planned meetings. The meeting organizer gets a notification when guests arrive and prepare to start the meeting.

To improve customer experience in your company, you’ll need to get one of these. To know which of the three Naso packages is ideal for your company, get in touch with us today.

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