Home for iPad: Transform your iPad with iRoom’s iDock!


Your iPad is a wonderful piece of technology. With it, you’re capable of streaming video and audio, controlling your home thermostat, and monitoring your home security, all from a fixed location while charging your iPad.

Imagine taking all of that functionality and putting it into a fixture, instantly transforming your iPad into a control center or entertainment hub.

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Introducing the iDock by iRoom: This iPad docking and charging station is more than just a home for your iPad Air or iPad Mini. Normally, you can decorate your living room with the appearance of a modern home, complete with an integrated thermostat, security, and audio system.

You can use the iDock to play your favorite playlist and control the volume and set a comfortable room temperature all from your sleek and modern iPad-based control center. It’s about an all-in-one centralized control panel for home which is better than traditional dock options.


iDock for the Office

Applying iDock in your office, it is helping you to transform both your work space and your device for increased functionality and better productivity.

Being an all-in-one control panel for office or meeting rooms, you can also use it as a “home” of you iPad. You can work on your iPad docked at your desk, and remove your device from the iDock when you need to move to another room for a meeting or collaborative activity. Just remove your iPad and it will be charged and ready to go.

Whether it’s simply to free up a hand, impress your guests, or improve productivity in workplace, docking your iPad in a usable place is a great option. With the ability to charge your iPad without any cables, iDock is convenient and functional, and stylish. If your office also chases for both functionality and trendiness, it is definitely a great choice!

We have experiences in helping some of the corporate companies to deploy this product in their office, if you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We offer free consultation as well, so fill out the form on contact page, our professionals will contact you within a week.

Meanwhile, you can also download our Guide of Smart Space for more insight! It’s about how an office can be built with innovative technology, which can aslo enhance a better efficiency in workplace.

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