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    How Coworking Spaces Promote Employees’ Professional Identities

    June 14, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Office, Smart Conference Room


    The introduction of work space in 2005 brought about a revolution in most working environments all around the world. The now embraced working culture continues to grow in its capacity from little co-working spaces where employees are provided with working resources, to major co-working spaces that support the operation of large companies and organizations.

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    The question that remains in the minds of employers and employees who are looking to get into the co-working culture is how the culture influences the professional identities of the employees.

    Below are some ways that co-working spaces enhance the professional identities of the employees.


    A General Impression of Professionalism

    Co-working spaces, especially in new businesses, enable the employees to make a general professional impression for their clients. Employees can handle the clients more confidently since there is an ambiance of professionalism going on. Co-working spaces in this aspect create a positive outlook on both the clients and the employees.


    Workers Gain Respect and Trust from Their Employer

    Employees in the co-working spaces become highly effective. Tasks are completed in time by the employees as a way of showing high competency. Space allows healthy competition of workers. This, in turn, results in high proficiency for their work.  With high levels of efficiency, the employees can gain much trust and respect from their employers at the same time.


    Much Control of the Work by both the Employers and the Employees

    The professional identity of the employees is enhanced by the ability of both parties to control the work done. More work control from both ends allows high effectiveness in the co-working space culture. Employees can deliver more with little supervision from their employers.

    An organization decision to operate in co-working spaces can be as a result of different factors such as financial ability, experimenting on the need for easier supervision and high efficiency in a smaller working space. Whichever reason drives an organization to the co-working space culture, it indeed enhances the professional identity of the employees.



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