How Innovative Smart Booths Bring Forth The Greentech Wave

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As the name suggests, Greentech is the next generation of technology that provides a path forward in our increasingly technological world while putting more emphasis on environmental protection. An abbreviation of Green Technology, this blanket term encompasses many new technologies that preserve the environment by using recycled products, building with materials from sustainable sources, using green technologies in the production process, or combining these methods. Greentech is the future of business, so we are proud to be part of it with our new Smart Booths. Before discussing all the advantages Smart Booths offer for businesses, we should first understand why Greentech will move businesses forward.

Why Should You Use Greentech?

There are many reasons why a company should consider Greentech as much as possible, but these are a few of the most important.


Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, and many make decisions based on a company’s environmental track record. Using Greentech is an excellent way to show consumers that your company is environmentally conscious and making efforts to lower your carbon footprint while offering the same great products and services.

Latest Technology

Since Greentech has motivated developers to think outside the box, it has come with the benefits of new technology. Companies that are adopting Greentech are not only obtaining environmentally friendlier products, but they are also benefiting from the cutting-edge technology that produces those products. One example is how Greentech is often more energy efficient, thus cutting down on a company’s overhead costs.

Long-Term Strategy

You can’t be in business if the world has stopped, so it only makes sense to be part of the solution by doing your part to take care of the planet. Sustainable infrastructure isn’t going anywhere, so it is better to adopt it now and keep up with the trends than to fall behind competitors.

How Are Smart Booths Green?

Smart Booths are an innovative product that can turn any space into a quiet workplace or a productive meeting room. There are many reasons why our new Smart Booths are considered Greentech and why you would want them in your building.

No Construction

One of the most significant benefits of the Smart Booth series is that they don’t require any construction to install. This makes them quick and easy to install and store away for future use, saving on costs and reducing the waste created during office re-designs or the handing-over of rental properties. They also create an opportunity for you to make your current office space work for your needs instead of using time and resources for office relocation.

LED Lighting

Smart Booths incorporate LED lighting into their work pods which offer bright light and use significantly less energy than the conventional fluorescent lights commonly used in office settings. LED lights produce less energy with a longer lifetime and result in lower maintenance than alternative fluorescent lights.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are also an optional addition to the Smart Booths. These motion sensors control lighting & ventilation automation, which means they will turn off the lights & ventilation when they detect booth vacancies. This mechanism will help considerably reduce both energy and electricity costs in the long run.

Better Use of Utilities

One of the highest costs for businesses is the overhead costs for heating and cooling their building. Changing the temperature even a few degrees will significantly impact both the energy used and money spent on heating and cooling costs. Since Smart Booths are ventilated with a low-noise air system, not only do they provide greater air and thermal comfort for users inside the booth, they essentially contribute to indoor climate control. This ensures that the demand for heating or cooling in the building stays low – helping save money on overhead utility costs.

A Better Future

The changes we have to make to go green can be a little difficult because they force us to make uncomfortable and, sometimes, costly changes. Smart Booths save you money by reducing overhead, construction costs, and the time it takes for office design and building fit-outs. In addition, Smart Booths increase productivity by removing distractions. As offices change to accommodate the hybrid workforce, office transformations are constant, so why not make a change for a better future? Employees will love their new workspaces, and you will love all the benefits they come with. If you have more questions about what Smart Booths can do for you, contact us for more information.

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