How IT/AV Managed Service Can Save Money

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Why are more businesses turning to managed IT/AV services than ever before? The reason is simple: it slashes spending on Information Technology services.  There are some many elements that are involved in the IT/AV solutions present in a office environment that it may take many different skill set to properly support an office.  Troubleshooting a “Internet Connection Down” is much more  different than troubleshooting a “HDMI Video Connection” and requiring different people altogether.  To achieve this in house will result in much higher overhead for the business.

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Lower Overhead

The managed IT/AV  services market is flourishing because it truly is more efficient. By centralizing IT professionals and infrastructure hardware, managed services providers (MSPs) offer the most efficient IT/AV solutions on the market.

Businesses consider the cost of staffing an IT department and the cost of maintaining a hardware infrastructure as well. Most of these resources are replaceable by off-site managed IT solutions.

When taking into consideration the cost of all of the services offered by a MSP, the potential savings are hard to ignore.

Logistics Simplified

Beyond direct savings, MSPs offer a lot of logistical relief as well.

Network and AV Systems updates are a great example of this. In order to keep a network secure, companies need to update software for servers & endpoints and data systems as soon as updates are released.

Managed IT services are able to remotely and efficiently install updates. Working with software, they get to work right away when updates are released.

Your company is already busy with day-to-day work within your own industry. Why should you spend the time and resources to track and install software updates?


Planning for system scalability is another logistically complicated problem.

Often businesses face unexpected costs and system failures when the volume of business ramps up. The issue of scalability and is an important feature offered by IT solution providers.

By outsourcing and relocating your IT/AV services, experts handle the issue of scaling up your system and work flow. The efficiency with which managed IT service providers plan for growth in volume is unprecedented. They have access to the proper hardware and know which best practices will enable your business to scale up smoothly.

In this way, IT/AV Managed Services save money and simplify logistics – which is itself a hidden cost. Your time spent addressing logistical problems is also valuable!

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