How Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod Offers Seamless User Experience

    October 25, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category IT Service, Smart Office, Smart Conference Room

    Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod

    The Solstice Pod offers top-of-the-line wireless compatibility that enhances meeting/conference start times, user collaboration, and workplace productivity. Solstice supports a vast range of room configurations and is entirely compliant with Information Technology, business-level secure, and allows scalability to unlimited rooms.

    The Solstice Gen3 pod typically offers all you need for improved collaboration in any meeting space. Let's check out some of the pod's impressive features:

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    Solstice provides both wired and wireless content sharing in any space. It allows you to create access to room calendars, digital signage, and various content sharing solutions to any meeting space. Not to mention, you can make the most out of meetings using plug-and-play support with a range of meeting room equipment. All this enables Gen3 Pod to provide the meeting environment that the employees need.


    With PoE+, you don't need to use wall plugs and external power adapters. Moreover, Share Switch makes external wired content sources a breeze to use for collaboration.


    Solstice enables multiple team members to seamlessly share content using native screen mirroring with diverse operating systems such as Windows and iOS. Additionally, Solstice Ink allows employees to markup and annotate shared content from anyplace by drawing and pointing using their smartphone.


    With the Dual HDMI output, you can easily extend or mirror content across displays, dual display at once. When using a single screen, you can leverage 4K streaming for high-resolution content.


    Gen3 pod supports multiple users, and it's suitable for any meeting space. The speech Screen Key solution helps visually impaired persons, and it supports nearly 16 different languages.


    Solstice is reinforced with multiple layers of security protocols and features. Some of these features include admin and user authentication, 3rd party penetration testing, and network encryption makes Solstice remain enterprise secure.



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