How Solstice Conference Can Make Your Remote Meeting Effective

How Solstice Conference Can Make Your Remote Meeting Effective


A year ago, video conferencing was rising at a steady rate, demanding notice but hardly immediate action. But the past six months have changed everything. Now, more people than ever are working remotely, forced by the COVID-19 pandemic to stay home. As businesses strive to catch up with the times and keep their employees working, it has become more important than ever that they are able to engage successfully over remote channels. The only problem? Online meetings make for very poor collaboration.


When employees are facing a screen instead of friends and coworkers, they are far more reluctant to engage. That’s not to mention the difficulty of sharing content over group meetings or the high cost of bandwidth when two employees are using the same internet connection to join the conference. Fortunately, we have the solution for that. Our new Solstice Conference software is the perfect resolution for disjointed business meetings. Read on for some key reasons that this new collaboration method just works. 


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BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting)

For much of the history of video-conferencing, users have been constrained by the technology of a single video-conferencing program. In every meeting, they have had to use only what was available in the room or app they were using to connect. With Solstice, however, this problem is erased. Solstice enables users to connect their personal devices to any conferencing solution and provides agnostic support that allows anyone to host a meeting without regard to individual conference vendors. 


Seamless Connection

When a meeting host uses Solstice to connect, the system automatically connects with all the room capabilities, including any microphones, displays, cameras, etc. This makes it easy for remote participants to see everything going on in the room as if they were actually there. All you have to do is plug the display, camera, and other technology into the Solstice pod to get started. Once that’s set up, participants have everything they need to collaborate. The Solstice engages with each device so that no matter what conferencing system an employee is using (MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.) it connects automatically.


Touchless AV Experience

To engage in sharing content, a user needs only to enter the Solstice generated meeting code and choose the option provided to share to the room’s screen. At that point, anyone on the meeting can see whatever content is shared on the screen. This works even if the user is not actually on the conference call. Anyone who is in the room and has the code can share their screen without having to actually join the meeting, since inviting new participants often causes disruptions and lowers internet capability. 


The Practical Effects of Solstice

So, how do these benefits work to make meetings more successful? Let’s take a look at the more practical side of things.

  1. Unlimited Simultaneous Sharing. Solstice allows anyone to share their screen, regardless of whether they are connected to the video conference. One of the most common issues with online meetings is the difficulty in sharing only one screen at a time and the struggle to engage participants. Solstice solves that problem by opening the way for the integration of all devices on one platform.

  2. High-Performance Content Sharing. With Solstice, sharing is no longer a hassle. In normal conferencing solutions, each user who wants to share must join the meeting, connect cables to the meeting display screen, and potentially even download new software to make sure they can integrate with the room’s capabilities. Because Solstice can connect to any video software on any screen, regardless of where it is in the room, the sharing of content immediately becomes easier and more effective for all involved.
  3. Remote Engagement. Eliminating the “presentation” model of most video conferencing software encourages engagement. When users can share their content without feeling the need to be the sole presenter, they are more likely to engage. Being able to share side by side with another user is also a benefit to ensure that all participants are listening and collaborating. No longer will users feel like they have nothing to say because their content isn’t available. Instead, the chance to engage directly will increase collaboration and thereby boost performance. 

Effective Meetings

With Solstice Conference, any business will have a better opportunity for engaging with remote workers and creating an effective business strategy. COVID-19 doesn’t have to be the end of effective collaboration; with Solstice, it can be the spark of a new beginning. Contact our consultant today to see how Solstice Conference can help you create a seamless and engaging remote meeting environment. 




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