Improve the Efficiency of Your Meetings with ClickShare Desktop App

    July 12, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category IT Service, Smart Office, Smart Conference Room

    Improve the Efficiency of Your Meetings with ClickShare Desktop App

    Technology's main objective is to increase simplicity and efficiency in our daily lives. In the case of a meeting, the ClickShare desktop app is the perfect technology for you. Meetings are mainly aimed at coming up with progress reviews, future proposals, and projections. To have an efficient meeting, you require reliable presentation tools to share these contents. ClickShare allows you to present and share content that is on your device's screen, to people on a larger public display.

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    ClickShare has several features that offer an excellent system for presentation and content sharing. Below are a few of these features:


    Wireless Fidelity

    ClickShare does not use your current existing wireless network. Instead, it creates a secure independent wireless connection that other devices can connect to. Once the connection is complete, users can share content on their devices or to a central display. This feature is significant because it prevents other people who are connected to your WiFi from accessing the shared content.


    Screen Mirroring

    ClickShare provides a wireless connection for sharing video content with a click of a button. Computers and laptops use a small USB button that is plugged into the computers empty USB port. If you are using Android or iOS devices, you can download an app while the USB button is connected to the base unit.



    This feature allows the user to view separate content on their device's screen while sharing different content on the public display. This feature makes the shared display act as an extended desktop.


    Benefits of Having ClickShare Desktop App

    • It is very secure because it ensures the privacy of your content

    • It is straightforward to implement as you only need to download the app, which does not require administrative rights to do so

    • It is fast; with the click of a button, you can mirror the content on your screen to a shared display

    • It allows you to share content from your screen while working on something separate

    • Using the app will enable you to use both the ClickShare button and app.



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