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    Improving Visual Collaboration with Oblong's Mezzanine Series

    January 11, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Audio Visual, Smart Office, Smart Conference Room

    mezzanie 200

    Oblong's Mezzanine Series allows team members to see more and share more by enabling multi-stream collaboration. With easy access to multiple streams of content from multiple locations and conference rooms, viewable all at the same time, teams are afforded a look at the big picture, thus making it easier to solve problems and make better decisions. Oblong clients are able to select a configuration size designed for their specific needs, whether they are looking for a system for a small team or whether they require a solution for a large executive briefing center.

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    mezzine 200_1

    Mezzanine 200 Series 

    Imagine a video call experience allowing participants to use a dual screen system where all team members can easily view, share and discuss content in order to resolve an issue, share discoveries and more. Oblong's Mezzanine 200 series provides just that. This configuration allows up to 10 shared devices, along with real-time control and gestural interaction from multiple participants.


    mezzine 300

    Mezzanine 300 Series

    Oblong takes their configuration one step further in their 300 series by offering a three-screen display, allowing for collaboration between larger groups. The 300 series is easily integrated with their more expansive configurations, making the 300 series an excellent solution for satellite offices. If a satellite office expands, Oblong's 300 series can easily be fully upgraded to the more robust 600 series level.


    Mezzanine 600

    Mezzanine 600 Series

    For larger organizations seeking a premiere collaboration tool, the Oblong 600 series delivers. Along with the three-screen primary workspace shared among locations and the three-screen secondary room workspace, the 600 series also provides the use of digital corkboards, thus extending the available workspace to additional walls. The 600 configuration enlists the use of spatial tracking technology, allowing users to manage multiple streams of content both from and to any location in the room. 


    mezzanine 650

    Mezzanine 650 Series

    Oblong continues their line of flagship immersive visual collaboration solutions by offering their 650 series, providing extensive display wall expandability, an additional level beyond their 600 series. 

    All configurations easily integrate with other tools including Skype for Business, Microsoft Outlook scheduling features, and video endpoints from Polycom and Cisco. Oblong makes it easy to unite teams and empower remote workers. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us, we're happy to help.  We're passionate about creating efficient and productive workspaces, check out what else we offer for your conference room needs.



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