Key Differences Between the Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2

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Surface Hub

Microsoft Reimagines Its Surface Hub Technology

Microsoft released the Surface Hub to much fanfare in 2016. Their idea was to help companies enter the digital landscape by making it easier to collaborate in all workspaces, even those not typically suited well for team-based collaboration. It was marketed mostly to businesses, but also schools.

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Microsoft succeeded by utilizing various technologies designed to create and easily edit presentations, connect users for conferencing and share and receive information. The units were initially a little pricey—at $8,999 a pop—but nevertheless game-changing for companies eager to enter the future and digitize their collaborative processes.

The Surface Hub 2 is slated to launch sometime between the spring and summer of 2019, with Microsoft planning to unveil more plans for the product during its “coming-out party” on April 17, 2019. Nonetheless, there are some differences between the Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2 we’re already privy to.

Differences Between the Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2 

The Surface Hub 2 will:

  • Be smaller than the Surface Hub
  • Only come in one size—50 inch
  • Allow for the ability to attach four screens
  • Have a 4k+ screen and 4k camera
  • Include enhanced microphones and speakers
  • Use Microsoft’s new Core OS operating system—known currently as ‘Aruba’ and in the future as HubOS
  • Have a centered taskbar and interface, even when the screen is flipped
  • Be much lighter than the Surface Hub
  • Have the ability to be wheeled around on Steelcase stands
  • Come in two different versions: 2S and 2X
  • Be easily upgradeable—and serviceable—due to removable processors
  • Include a marker, supporting the use of “intelligent ink”
  • Be accessible from/to Windows, Android and IOS devices
  • Have deeper use of Bing search and Microsoft’s Team chat app
  • Work in landscape and portrait mode

Based on what we already know, Microsoft has gotten a lot done in the four years they’ve had to reimagine the Surface Hub technology. For those two versions of the Surface Hub 2, the 2S and 2X, the former will be released shortly while the latter will be released sometime in 2020. They expect pricing to be similar to the previous version.

Stay tuned for more updates about this game-changing technology.

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