NEAT’s New Video Conferencing & Hot Desking Solutions

NEAT video conferencing system and hot desking solution

Smart office technologies are increasingly revolutionizing how people work. The technologies incorporate intelligent devices and connectivity solutions to improve productivity, space management, and collaboration.

Komstadt’s Smart Office Technologies now include the NEAT Video Conferencing System & Hot Desking Solution. This range of products has quickly become the most popular choice for businesses seeking to transform their workplace and enable rich and productive meetings. It is more than a trend, allowing people to work where and when they want.

NEAT Video Conferencing System is an elegantly designed device that allows you to experience HD video and audio quality while maintaining a secure connection. It also supports 4K content sharing and features built-in echo cancellation capabilities. NEAT Video Conferencing system includes products such as:

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The NEAT Bar

This NEAT product is a sleek, all-in-one video conferencing device that mounts to the top of your monitor. The NEAT Bar has a 5x optical zoom camera, dual microphones, and integrated speakers. It also supports 4K content sharing and features echo cancellation capabilities.

The best part is that you don’t have to connect the NEAT Bar to a PC or any external device. Say goodbye to those pesky Windows and MacOS updates. It’s also very easy to set up and use. Connect it to your computer via USB, and you’re ready to go. It’s a great addition to any workspace and is sure to transform the way you conduct meetings.

The NEAT Bar Pro

The NEAT Bar Pro is the next generation of the NEAT Bar. It features a 6x optical zoom camera, improved sound quality, and a 113-degree extended field of view. Additionally, it supports 4K content sharing and has echo cancellation capabilities.

Like the NEAT Bar, the NEAT Bar Pro is easy to set up and use. However, unlike its counterpart, the NEAT Bar Pro features a multiple microphone array for clearer audio pick-up, even in large conference-style rooms. Plus, the NEAT Boundary feature lets you adjust the width and depth of your conference rooms to avoid accidentally detecting and framing people outside the room.

What’s more, the NEAT BAR Pro also has NEAT Sense. This built-in feature lets you control the room’s humidity and air quality. This helps ensure a safe and conducive environment for your meetings. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line video conferencing device, then the NEAT Bar Pro is the perfect choice for you.

The NEAT Board

The NEAT Board is a 65-inch Ultra HD 4K capacitive, wall-mounted touch screen that allows you to control your NEAT video conferencing system. The NEAT Board has a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone. It also supports 4K content sharing and features echo cancellation capabilities as well as sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOCs.

The NEAT Board is the perfect way to turn any room into a smart office. It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of features and functions that will make your meetings more productive. For instance, you can use the NEAT Board to control your NEAT video conferencing system, share content, and even take notes. Plus, the built-in sensors help you monitor the room’s environment and ensure that it is conducive for meetings.

The NEAT Frame

The NEAT Frame is a 15.6-inch portrait-style all-in-one conferencing LED touchscreen monitor that’s perfect for zoom meetings and professional video calls. It’s a very convenient touchscreen device that not only looks great but is also very easy to use. Its unique design makes it perfect for all rooms, including conference halls, back rooms, jump rooms, and even retail environments. It features echo cancellation and active noise suppression to provide clear audio even in noisy environments.

The NEAT Frame has a built-in 50MP camera with 8X digital zoom, one tracking microphone, three end-fire array-angled microphones, and an air quality and humidity sensor. It also supports 4K content sharing and features echo cancellation capabilities as well as sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOCs.

The NEAT Pad

To help maximize the use of office spaces, companies implement hot desking. It has become a crucial part of modern working culture and enhances the brand’s attractiveness. You must invest in the right tools to get the most out of your hot desking workplace arrangement. This brings us to the new and reliable Neat Pad for hot desking

One Touch, Two Roles

Neat Pad is a straightforward and impressive touchscreen device you can use to set up Zoom Rooms or as a scheduling display for other meeting rooms. You can adjust the screen to any angle for smooth viewing and better user interaction.

The device blends seamlessly with all surfaces, whether placed on a table, wall, or mullion. Once powered, you can immerse yourself into action and start delivering twice the elegance you need to make your meetings efficient.

Simple Set Up

The Neat Pad comes with a wall and side mount. It is effortless for anyone to set up. The wall mount fixes the neat Pad on a meeting room wall to start acting as a controller or as a scheduling display outside the room. The side mounts also enable you to secure the Neat Pad on the edge of the mullion or doorframe. Thanks to its one Power over Ethernet cable, the device is always alert and set to go.

Just Works

Neat Pad has two built-in microphones you can enable once with an upcoming software release. It will provide better audio pickup and enhanced support for large meeting rooms even when users face away from the screen.

The new Neat Pad’s scheduling function makes booking seamless. Now you can check for room availability using the red and green LED indicators that show a room is booked, in session, or free for use.

Zoom Managed & Supported

Neat Pad eliminates the technicalities and risks of the conventional single-purpose physical devices typical in traditional office spaces. The new software update empowers users to update their software on their Zoom account with a single click. It also offers valuable insights into the Zoom portal using the built-in environmental sensors to monitor meeting spaces from a single interface. Additionally, Zoom is the single point of contact when you require extra support.

Elevate Your Workplace With NEAT Video Conferencing System and Hot Desking Solution

The NEAT range of products may just be what you need to take your workplace to the next level. Get in touch with our experienced team to find out more about which technologies and solutions cater to your business needs.

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