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    Stretch Your Meetings with Logitech Rally Conferencecam

    July 13, 2018 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Conference Room


    Logitech has been helping connect people with technology for over 35 years. Since their inception, they have been involved in cutting-edge designs within computing, gaming, music, and video. Their conferencecams have seen them successfully stretch into boardrooms, classrooms and huddle rooms alike. Now their newest project, the Logitech Rally Conferencecam wants to extend their reach further into large meeting spaces and auditoriums for better collaboration.

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    Let's take a look at this impressive system for your quality meeting.

    What is it? 


    The Logitech Rally Conferencecam can only be described as state of the art. It's a premium modular system with some impressive automation features that bring USB connected AV solutions to the next level, and at a fraction of the price of its high-end counterparts. Constructed with premium materials and with a modular design, Ultra-HD, 4k video and extensive PTZ capabilities, this conferencecam is not limited to what size room it is being used in. Every element of this product was considered down to its thoughtful cable management, custom deployment and the separation of speakers and mic, for optimum sound and volume control.

    How Does it Work?

    There are a few defining qualities that elevate this product above the competition. Most noteworthy is probably the automation features. With Logitech RightSense Technologies you get a positive and intuitive user experience. The RightSight automatically frames meeting participants and then retains stability. RightLight optimizes the light balance and luminance of human faces. RightSound suppresses background noises. The speakers are independent of the microphone so there is improved volume/sound control which means minimum feedback and maximum volume capabilities. The modular camera is capable of a 15x zoom and controlled by an RF remote. In total, this product combines the best of hardware and software technologies to provide a cohesive and thoughtful system that is compatible with almost any video conferencing service whether it is provided by Microsoft, Google, Zoom and more. 



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