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    The advantages of using the Cisco Room Kit for your meetings

    June 27, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Office

    Cisco Spark Board

    The Cisco Spark Room Kit is an innovative tool for allowing smart meetings. The kit is an all-in-one device that includes cameras, speakers, and microphones while easily integrating with flat-screen displays and meeting technology. Here are some advantages of using the kit.

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    1. Intelligent solution

    The kit can automatically detect people in the room and optimally frame images of participants. Additionally, it can detect who is speaking and change the framing appropriately.


    2. Advanced audio and video technology

    Audio quality is very high for meeting technology. Microphones and speakers are completely integrated into the kit, leaving the table clear of cables and clutter. Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus even supports dual screens for both video and content, and supports 4K resolution for content sharing as well.


    3. Effective use of network capabilities

    With the kit, you can share content either wired or wirelessly. Additionally, it can either run on a cloud platform hosted by Cisco or right within your business. 


    4. Great way to record and share meetings

    All of the impressive technology makes recording meetings easy and provides for high quality and effective recordings. Recordings easily jump from speaker to speaker, showing the best view given who is talking. This effective recording integrates the presentation content with the conversation occurring in the meeting room.


    5. Flexible Licensing

    The licensing is flexible: you can choose to go month to month or buy a license for multiple years. This allows your business to figure out if it is a good fit without wasting money.

    These features make the Cisco Spark Room Kit a beneficial tool for use in meetings. The kit allows your team to record and share high-quality meeting videos with ease.

    Meanwhile, you can also download our guide of Conference Room Design for more information!



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