The Audio Visual Benefits to a Video Conferencing Solution

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If you’ve already invested in some audio-visual technologies in your company, one thing you’ve maybe missed is investing in video conferencing. While it’s certainly not a new technology on the whole, it’s taken an exponential leap forward in the last few years in terms of digital clarity.

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No doubt you remember the days when live online video frequently froze and began buffering due to limited network speeds. Now things are different, especially with 4K camera availability, faster Internet speeds, and enhanced audio technologies.

Here’s a few benefits to using a video conferencing solution for your company in the coming year and the specific ways you can use it.

Using Video Conferencing for Meetings

With video conferencing services from companies like Polycom, you get some of the most innovative features available today. You’re also set up to finally start video meetings like you’ve wanted to do for years.

If you tried this five years ago and felt frustrated with the results, it’s another world now. Polycom is one of the leaders in bringing high-definition video and an overall immerse telepresence.

Because you may have to travel often to make business deals, video conferencing for meetings is essential to stay in the competitive game. Thanks to better cameras and live video quality, you can also do presentations without any blurriness or distortions.

Making Video Conferencing Mobile

It’s possible to do video conferencing with just your mobile device, which is extra convenient when you need to hold emergency business meetings. Don’t feel embarrassed if one of those meetings has to occur in odd places, including in bathrooms.

When you need to confer with your business associates, you can access video conferencing 24/7 simply through a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Being Able to Collaborate Based on Size and Budget

Video conferencing services aren’t offering just a “one size fits all” process any more. Now you can customize what you need based on what you can realistically afford. You’ll also be able to choose something based on your company’s size so you don’t have excessive features you won’t use right away.

This is important for quality collaborations, since being able to communicate in real-time is the only way to survive in business today. It’s time you stay on top of your competition with the best possible technologies that don’t always cost a fortune to acquire.

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