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The evolution in the marketplace today makes it possible to find a solution for every business requirement. As such, today, there are business solutions to address the needs of large enterprises and SMEs as well. As a result, small businesses can position themselves to realize growth by acquiring the necessary software, and huge companies can focus on retaining and expanding their market share by investing in dynamic business solutions.

To that effect, there are several wireless presentation solutions available on the market today, and you may not establish the best system to adopt based on your requirements. Here are some of the wireless presentation solutions worth considering. These 3 products are suggested by our experienced consultants and we also recommend our clients to deploy in their offices.

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Mostly Used #1 – Barco, ClickShare

One of the primary requirements for any wireless presentation solution is the ability to share what you have on the device you are using on the presentation screen. ClickShare allows you to make presentations on a screen using different options because it is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. The implication, in this case, is that you can use Clickshare with your laptop, Smartphone or tablet for presentations on screen.

Smartphone users can download the ClickShare app on their devices to access the service, and laptop users can use button connections to share information on a screen. Also, setting up ClickShare services is easy because it is a plug and play solution.

Mostly Used #2 – Mersive Solstice, The Solstice Pod
7355-Solstice Pod SGE-1

Companies that depend on the contribution of various employees when working on a particular project together can achieve better results in a collaborative environment. For that reason, Mersive addresses this need by providing the Solstice Pod. Acquiring the pod will make your meeting room alive because it allows participants in a particular project to share and control content using their devices.

Consequently, staff will experience improvements in the sharing of ideas, and the time it takes to make important decisions is significantly reduced. Additionally, the pod supports your current network infrastructure, and you only need to plug in and connect to available networks to start collaborating.

Mostly Used #3 – Polycom, Pano


Sometimes, the demand to download a particular app or use specific cables to access specific services is a challenge in one way or another. On the contrary, Pano allows you to connect easily at the touch of a button, which makes wireless presentations as seamless as possible. Also, security is a significant concern for most individuals when linking to other networks. Pano withdraws any security concerns by encrypting media streams to protect your data from malicious attacks.

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