The Innovative Webex Board Delivers Your Meeting to the 21st Century


Meetings tend to hold the stereotype of being boring for just about everyone involved. Really, how many times have you actually looked forward to a meeting? The good news is that Cisco’s innovative technology is getting ready to transform this perception. Utilizing Cisco’s cutting-edge technology finally affords you the ability to deliver your team’s meetings into the 21st century.

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But What Can It Do?

Cisco’s Webex Board is a little more than innovative, it’s ground-breaking. What looks like a screen has the capability to do a whole lot more. It is an all-in-one device, meaning it is all you need to seamlessly host a meeting, delivering your message with confidence. Here’s how it can help you.

The Webex Board utilizes cloud technology so that your team can access information anywhere, from just about any device. The LED LCD screen offers a beautifully clear picture while its included 4k camera has the ability to capture everything in the room. It even awakens when it detects your team enter the room.

This is to say little of its 12-microphone that has the ability to capture exactly what is said, so it can be delivered to your team clearly and accurately. It even automatically amplifies and modulates voices!

The Webex Board is a white-board but it also allows you to connect to anyone on your team through the Cisco Webex Teams app. You can call anyone from anywhere, share and view files—including audio—and utilize the board’s smart capabilities to get your message out there. Simply, the board helps your team do more with less. The Webex Board offers video conferencing and presentation capabilities all in one convenient package.

Webex experts are even available to help your team understand how to makes the board’s many features work for your team.

If all of that doesn’t inspire confidence, check out the Webex Board in the Showtime show Billionaires, where it was recently featured. It allows you to take in the power of this beautiful technology in real-time!

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