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    The Smart Office: Your Conferencing Solution

    May 26, 2017 by Komstadt's AV Team in category Smart Conference Room

    smart conferencing

    Maximizing productivity and networking capabilities means utilizing technology to its maximum potential. Our smart conference room solution allows you to network and conference remotely while avoiding the productivity-killing distractions of poor video and audio quality and intermittent connectivity.

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    Centralized Control System

    The smart conference room solution utilizes a state-of-the-art centralized control system that integrates and optimizes the various pieces of hardware and software involved in presenting interactive media. This removes the uncertainty of conferencing with external organizations, clients, and potential customers.

    Our user-friendly interface makes our interface uniform between all users. This simplifies remote control over remote conference interfaces to a "one-touch" system that is designed for ease of use.


    Collaboration Made Simple

    The art of business is defined by the ability to collaborate effectively. Whether it's collaboration within your organization, with clients, or with contractors, the ability to convey information across various media is essential to business.

    We integrate the latest technology to allow you to collaborate effectively across all available media. Our collaborative solutions allow you to take advantage of the best tools available without the need to constantly update your smart conference room.


    Increase Effectiveness and Reduce Travel Costs

    By utilizing the best available technology, you can achieve the same level of productivity and collaboration as physical meetings abroad. Save time and money on travel by investing in in-house conferencing technology and you can collaborate with parties across the world effectively from your office.


    Conference Room Management

    Maximize the efficiency of your conference space by utilizing our smart conference room management system. Sharing your smart conference room between teams within your organization is easy and simple to integrate with your calendars. Our smart conference room management tool is designed to maximize the efficient use of your smart conference room.


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