The World’s First UHD 65-Inch Video Wall from Samsung

Samsung Video Wall 4

Samsung Display launched the world’s first 65″ UHD video wall panel this month. The impressive display will be changing the status quo in the signage market over the next few years, but that’s not the only place Samsung’s new display is going to make a difference.

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Samsung 65-Inch UHD Video Wall Panel Features

Samsung’s 65-inch UHD video wall panel is the most advanced of its kind and is packed full of amazing features. The breathtaking 4K UHD display has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 or 8.3 million pixels and a viewing angle of 178 degrees enabling the screen to reproduce 16.7 million colors with ease. A contrast ratio of 4,000:1, the highest in the industry, ensures vibrant colors and a brightness level of 700 nit allows the colors to be vivid in all lighting situations. Premium anti-glare polarization lessens color shifting due to background reflections. In short, Samsung’s video wall panel produces a pristine picture that excels in a wide variety of real-world scenarios. The panel itself is supported by ultra-narrow 3.7mm bezels that enhance the viewing experience regardless of the number of screens used making Samsung’s 65-inch UHD panel a perfect solution for video walls of any size.

Video Wall Panels And Your Smart Office

One of the most important things in any smart office is a high-quality screen, or screens, for conference calls and presentations. They also serve as high tech marketing tools for targeting visiting customers. Samsung’s 65-inch UHD video wall panel combines both form and function, providing excellent value for your office. Multi-monitor video walls are pricey due to the number of screens needed for larger set-ups, such as the standard 3×3 45″ panel arrangement, but Samsung’s video panel tackles this problem by going bigger. Only four panels are required to reproduce the previously mentioned size which has two significant benefits. By utilizing only four screens, only two seam lines break up the picture instead of four. This paired with the ultra-narrow bezels improves immersion for the viewer. Fewer screens also mean an easier installation due to fewer brackets and a reduced number of external components. Calibration is even more straightforward and color uniformity is easier to achieve. Whether you are looking to build a wall for advertising, enhance decor or add a multi-monitor set-up to your conference room Samsung’s 65-inch UHD video wall panel is a solid option.

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