Why Poly Studio X30 Makes a Huge Impact On The Small Meetings?

Why Poly Studio X30 Makes a Huge Impact On The Small Meetings?

Poly Studio X30 Review – The Best Video Conferencing Bar For A Huddle Room

Poly Studio X30 Review

Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar ideal for small conference rooms and huddle rooms. It allows you to collaborate with a small group of up to 6 participants. Furthermore, an external PC or Mac are not needed as it functions as a native Zoom or Microsoft Teams solution for the conference room.

People are able to present wireless via Airplay, Miracast, Zoom Content Sharing and the Poly application. No external solutions for content sharing needed. Poly Studio X30 is equipped with a 4x zoom camera and four built-in microphones. Let‘s take a look at the reasons that you must have a Poly Studio X30 in your conference room.

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How Can Poly Studio X30 Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience?

1. Simple Setup

Your days are jam-packed, meaning you do not have a bunch of extra time to spend setting up for a meeting. It is a hassle to boot up your computer, figure out which cables go where, and troubleshoot why it isn’t working properly. Poly Studio X30 sets up in minutes and you are ready to go without any of these frustrations. There’s no need to worry about the need for a computer, cables, wires, or pucks. Everything you need is built right into the device. This saves you the time and hassle of a complicated setup. With wireless content sharing, anyone including guests can share their content, without the need for any special tools or applications.

Forget lugging heavy bags of equipment to the meeting room. Its small, sleek, modern, light-weight design makes it extremely portable when you’re on the go or have to climb three flights of stairs to reach your conference room.

2. Easily Touch Control

With the Poly TC8 touch panel (8 inch) users can easily control everything from the conference table with high-resolution intuitive touch display. Power and data is provided through a single cable providing a sleek look and clutter free conference table. It can integrate calendar for one touch to join a call, easily share content, adjust the camera, and change participant layouts. Moreover, it is compatible with Poly Studio X Series and Poly G7500 Systems as well. People can quickly initiate, join, or share content and focus on collaboration only, not meeting set up and logistics.

Key Features of Poly TC8:

1. Easily share content, adjust the camera, and change participant layouts
2. Compatible with Poly Studio X family (Poly Studio X30 & Poly Studio X50) and Poly G7500
3. Integrated calendar so it’s easy to find your meeting and connect
4. Intuitive interface makes it easy to personalise the experience for more productive meetings
5. Power over Ethernet (PoE) means only one cable is required, keeping your table clean
6. Easy setup as it’s pre-paired out of the box when purchasing as part of a full Poly video solution


Poly TC8 intuitive touch panel

3. Professional Quality Sound

The lifeblood of any video conferencing meeting is the ability to hear and be heard clearly. There isn’t anything more frustrating than to not be able to hear the people on the screen and for them to not be able to hear you. Poly Studio X30 has addressed both of these issues with a beamforming microphone array that ensures a crisp, clear voice pick up to increase the productivity of your meetings. You can rest assured that you are being heard loud and clear no matter where you are sitting in the room. NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence noise-blocking innovations are integrated into the device to block out any distracting background noises for a superior full boardroom-quality audio experience.

4. Stay Focused

Poly Studio X30’s smart camera is nothing short of production-quality. It’s framing and tracking features ensures that it keeps visual focus in the right places throughout the entire meeting. Innovative technology identifies who is speaking and focuses in on them while tracking their movements for an exceptional visual experience.

5. Supports Any Video Platform

Different companies use different video platforms depending on their needs and preferences. Whether you prefer using Zoom, Go To Meeting, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, or any other video conferencing platform, Poly Studio X30 is compatible with cloud video software built-right into the video bar. Seamlessly connect and you are ready to go.

6. Easily Share Content

Collaboration is an important part of video conferencing. Thanks to Poly Studio X30’s cloud video software, you can easily share content in a matter of seconds either wired or wirelessly depending on your preference. This allows for real-time collaboration which increases the efficiency, productivity, and ultimately the value of the meeting.

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Take Your Meetings to the Next Level

There is no doubt that the Poly Studio X30 will have a big impact on your small meetings and huddles. It will improve the relationship between your company and your clients as well as increase the efficiency of communication between team members. Komstadt Systems understands the plight of finding video conferencing solutions to fit the needs of small size meetings while also providing a high-quality experience. This is why we offer video conferencing solutions and other workplace technologies to fit your company’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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