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    Zoom: The Ultimate Web Conferencing Experience

    November 01, 2019 by Komstadt's AV Team in category IT Service, Smart Office, Smart Conference Room


    The emergence of new technologies has made remote video collaboration a no-brainer. With a pool of video conferencing platforms, Zoom has become a go-to tool for businesses and homes alike, due to its exceptional user experience. Let's dig into Zoom's most recent updates and how they help you make the most of your video conferencing experience under the latest workplace trends.

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    A successful video call is an excellent user experience. Zoom's latest updates and new features are designed and optimized for enhanced usability. To begin with, Zoom is designed with intuitive control panels and dashboards, making it a breeze for users to navigate.

    The user interface is now cleaner with the control panel well-integrated into the home screen, making all possible actions extremely clear and straightforward even if you're not tech-savvy.

    Zoom's main screen also makes good use of visual hierarchy in three dimensions, which guarantees you the ultimate experience. The essential actions are placed at the top for greater visual prominence. The next vital actions are also large enough and easy to hit. Finally the less urgent tasks are smaller and further down the screen.


    Another impressive feature is the People Count option. Zoom can now automatically count the number of in-room participants in your Zoom Room and display this info on your dashboard. You can as well enable this feature at a location, room, or account level.


    Unlike in the past, where you had access to one month's data, through the dashboard, you can now view 12 months of data. You can also easily export that information into a CSV file.


    The new international date and time feature allow you to choose your preferred time and date format within your profile page online. Your selected format will appear across the web on schedule pages for webinars and meetings.

    The format will also reflect on your past and upcoming conferences and webinars, recordings page and email invitations.


    As the meeting host, this new feature allows you to make polls anonymous when you want to encourage honest feedback during a survey. By enabling this feature, your survey report will not show both the username and email addresses of the participants.



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