3 Myths about Cyber attacks and Why You Need Our Help


We hear new stories about hacking, viruses, and ransomware all the time. Despite the constant attention, many businesses don’t realize how much they risk by ignoring their digital security. Here are three myths that keep small businesses in the dark about the dangers of cyber attacks.

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Myth #1. We’re safe because we aren’t an internet company.

Many brick and mortar businesses feel that they are safe from hackers because they don’t conduct their business entirely online. Perhaps this was a safe bet twenty years ago when the internet seemed like a new plaything, when plenty of people still did business on paper.

For a modern company, though, computers play a vital role in our day-to-day operations. You use them for inventory, communication, bookkeeping, and more. And if any of those computers are online, they are susceptible to invasion through phishing scams, malware, and the like.

Myth #2. Hackers don’t care about small businesses like ours. 

If you consider yourself a small fish (and who doesn’t with companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google swimming around), you might think that no one is paying attention to your company. You might think that hackers wouldn’t want to spend the time to infiltrate your network. But the tools of hackers today are more sophisticated and automated than ever before.

While we often imagine an individual typing away furiously, trying to break into a system on the other side of the world, this isn’t really how hacking works. With ransomware, for example, a hacker can hold your business hostage with very little effort on their end. The hacker had to write the program initially (or just buy it), but it basically runs itself and spreads itself once it infects a system. So any amount the hackers can get from you, no matter how small, is just profit for them.

Myth #3. If we get hacked, we will deal with it then.

Problems happen, and we handle them all the time. Unfortunately, many small businesses underestimate how much impact a simple virus or malware infection can have. According to a 2017 study, twenty percent of small businesses completely shut down after a ransomware attack.

Some never recover, and those that do end up spending enormous resources (both time and money) to get back to operating as normal. Just like with your personal security, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By making a few key decisions up front (and over time), you can save yourself mountains of headaches and lost time from a successful attack.

At Komstadt, we work with small businesses to keep their digital processes safe and running smoothly. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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