Components of an IT Relocation Service Plan

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As a company grows and expands, it will not only upgrade its IT systems but may need to move them to different locations. This is when IT relocation services become important. An IT relocation service provider will help you anticipate problems before they arise and resolve these unexpected challenges whether big or small. With an efficient IT relocation plan, downtime is reduced getting you up and running in no time.

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Downtime during an office relocation can sometimes be prolonged. IT systems could be damaged during transit and so many things can go wrong making you worse off than before. A professional IT relocation service provider can help you avoid the chaos and even provide support after the move. See below some components that make a great IT relocation plan:

The Relocation Plan Design

Every IT relocation service provider will present you with a plan. This plan will include types of packaging, equipment installation details, relocation map, circuits, wiring, cable management, patches to be used etc. The plan presented will ensure that vendors are all handled to help reduce or eliminate any downtime.

The Equipment Disassembly & Assembly

The next component of this relocation is the disassembly and assembly plan. This plan goes into more detail and states how assemble and disassembly will occur. Remember this is not a futile exercise, because at this stage, the IT equipment problems may be identified, server connectivity and workstation connectivity will also be tested. As the relocation service provider creates a plan that focuses on the equipment itself, they will resolve issues that arise from the loss power supply, provide the proper tools to handle any electrostatic electricity, and make sure that there is no damage resulting from the relocation.

The Move to a New Location

A plan for the actual move is also important. A good IT relocation serviceprovider will create a scope of work that will cover timing and even the route that will be taken to deliver the equipment and install. All contingencies will be analyzed such as: traffic, road bumps and weight of IT equipment.

As you can see, IT relocation requires some forethought. Companies who just get up and move are risking their equipment, data and business structure. This risk of damage and loss can be avoided if the job of relocation is carried out with thorough planning.

You also want to pick an IT relocation service that will provide support even after the relocation is complete. This after service care will cover you in case the installation becomes faulty.

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