Audio Visual Communication and the Rise of Virtual Reality

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Audio Visual Communication has become a new standard nowadays. Video Conferencing opened the door for businesses and companies to save money while establishing an effective and convenient form of communication. It’s been a while since video communication was introduced to many different industries. So what’s next? Let’s understand more information as follow:

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Believe it or not it just may be virtual reality. This new technology for business collaboration that started out as something to be consumed by the gaming industry and yet has found its way into business communication providing some new competition for video conferencing. While it most certainly hasn’t become a standard, it is definitely being used and invested in.

With virtual reality, all of these companies are finding communication to be done on a more personal level. When you are in the “virtual reality”, you are a figure with a name and a face. All of the attendants of the “virtual meeting” all have figures and profiles. They can move and communicate with one another as if they truly were in the presence of each other. Of course this is still a work in progress, but is making an undeniable move across all industries.

How does this put virtual reality at an advantage over video communication. With video communication your perspective is very direct. You have one view and are limited to that view and only what their audio equipment offers. For many companies this is just enough, and probably will be for a long time, but the growth of virtual reality with communication among companies is an interesting change that has yet to be fully developed. Komstadt can absolutely help you deploy the mentioned IT & AV technologies. Contact our consultant for more information.

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