Network Security in Businesses today

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Network Security is at an all time high where keeping your business secure in all of the different technological platforms is a necessity. Hackers have come to cause a lot of damage to not only a business’s security, but also their reputation. Yahoo is a prime example of this fault. If your security is flawed and customer data is lost, it could cost your business or company thousands, if not millions, as it did Yahoo.

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  • This security could start with your wireless LAN network. If your business operates through a BYOD policy and utilizes the cloud in this manner, this could be the gateway for loss of business data. In the hospitality industry this is a common area for hackers to attack, though it’s typically done through a business’s public Wi-Fi, any other Wi-Fi system can still be vulnerable.
  • This is where Network Penetration Testing could come in. Through network testing your network could be detailed in a search for vulnerabilities, and then those flaws can be patched with the appropriate security. This saves your business from the expense of finding those vulnerabilities after a hacker has already taken advantage of them.

With the development of technology today, network security is something we all have to keep our eyes and ears open for. Though the use of the cloud, BYOD policy, and other technologies bring our business a lot of convenience, along with them comes a need for vigilance, that if lacking could cost your business reputation and expense.

We know network security may take you time and cost you money, and of course you also need a professional company to help you carrying out this big project without interrupting your business. Download our Guide below for more ideas!

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