Feature Comparison: Google JamBoard VS Cisco Webex Board

Feature Comparison: Google JamBoard VS Cisco Webex Board

Business and technology often go hand in hand. It is understood that if you can improve collaboration and communication within your business, innovation and productivity of business will also increase. This is perhaps why many technology companies are competing to be at the forefront of this growing market for business-related communication devices. Here we take a look at the Google Jamboard and the Cisco Webex Board, two very similar devices designed to connect work colleagues from separate geographical locations for collaboration and streamlining remote business meetings.


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Why is Google Jamboard?


The Google Jamboard is an intuitive and fun piece of technology. On it, you can accomplish anything you could with a standard whiteboard and then some. The cloud-based software automatically saves your work so no need to take a picture after the meeting has been finalized.

There are a number of tools that enable users to interactively add to the whiteboard’s surface by adding notes, drawings, scribbles, stickers, post-it notes, pictures, and selfies while being able to consistently take screenshots. The beauty of the Google Jamboard is that any number of users can log in through the APP and participate, with the whiteboard’s imagery being mirrored across countless tablets, other Jamboards, and computer screens.

With a 16 point recognition, many people can participate simultaneously. On its 4k display, you can practice video conference calls as well, though not at the same time as the whiteboard setting. It’s one view or the other. The elegant and simple display is similar to a very large tablet making for a user-friendly and uncomplicated device that is easy for even the least tech-savvy employees to use.

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What is Cisco Webex Board?

Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus dual screens dark

The Cisco Webex Board, in essence, is quite similar to the Google Jamboard in that it is an interactive, digital canvas with a user-friendly APP and cloud-based system designed for the purpose of helping teams collaborate and communicate information across geographical locations. Both are capable of recording/presenting team meetings and displaying the visual data that is written or drawn on the whiteboard’s surface onto several other registered screens and devices so everyone involved in the meetings can add to the conversation.

Likewise, the two devices boast a 4k display and intuitive features like impressive handwriting recognition. Interestingly, both the Google Jamboard and the Cisco Webex Board appear to have the same limitation of being able to only display the whiteboard setting or camera setting individually rather than simultaneously. The camera on the Cisco Webex Board, however, can operate while the whiteboard is in use, so a remote team member can watch the meeting on a separate screen, thus being able to witness the meeting and whiteboard at the same time by using two different devices to do so.

The Cisco Webex Board has a high-quality camera with an 89-degree lens that automatically adjusts to capture the best angle/view of the room it is recording. Likewise, it has high-frequency audio capabilities. With a 12 microphone array, it can automatically amplify and modulate voices so everyone sounds equally well regardless of where in the conference room they are positioned. The Cisco Webex Board comes in 55″ and 70″ sizes, the 55″ size is very close in price to the Google Jamboard at around $5k. Another interesting feature of the Cisco Webex Board is that it automatically awakes in the presence of other registered Webex devices and can suggest activities like conference calls. 

In conclusion, both devices are impressive and have similar features, applications, prices, and limitations. Likewise, both devices are incumbent upon having a service membership in order to access the cloud-based software and communicate to remote devices. Cisco Webex Board seems to have a slight advantage because of its superior audio/video software but both would make valuable tools for any business.

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