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As business meetings become increasingly more remote, companies are investing in technology that can make collaboration across geological locations more feasible as well as inviting. Enter, the google jamboard, a 55-inch screen with a 4k display, designed to be user-friendly, fun and responsive. Here we take a look at some of the features, possibilities, and drawbacks of this exciting new product.

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The google jamboard is essentially a very large tablet designed for creative brainstorming. Drawing and writing are effortless with the impressively responsive screen. One of the most frequent compliments of this product is its incredible knack for handwriting recognition. Now there is no need for markers, erasers or batteries. The jamboard app enables other jamboards, computers, and tablets to be connected, allowing the same work surface to be mirrored and accessible to all participants simultaneously.

Web images, screenshots, pictures, notes, and stickers are all tools that can help the collaboration process become more fun and understandable. No more sloppy scribbles or messy handwriting, the responsive and intuitive display is as useful as it is enjoyable. All work completed on the jamboard is automatically saved via the cloud.

Possible Applications

Video imaging enables coworkers to communicate and share whether they are in the same office or working in separate countries. Colleagues can share ideas simultaneously. Notes from a meeting, sketches of a new idea or instructions can be relayed visually with the jamboard. Although this technology has been designed to be similar to a whiteboard, the images and data stored enable the jamboard to be a useful tool for relaying and presenting information. At the USD$5,000 price point, it is a little expensive for some schools to afford but there are educational properties to the jamboard that would make it a useful aid to teachers and professionals alike.

Potential Drawbacks

The jamboard is not a computer. Although it can access and present data and videos, it is a display tool designed for visualizing information, concepts, and notes. The video-imaging can not work at the same time as the display-imaging so although remotely connected, teams will have to choose whether they prefer to see their coworkers or the board’s data screen. This can make communication a little tricky because while you are discussing and sharing information, colleagues will be left in the dark about certain social cues like if a coworker is about to write or share something. That being said, the jamboards useful tools, as well as audio and visual capabilities, are likely to be enhanced by google overtime.

The jamboard is designed for making interactive collages and vision boards, that can be accessible among numerous devices remotely via cloud software. This useful piece of technology enhances creativity and communication enabling teammates to obtain peak productivity while also having fun.

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