Improve Boardroom Meetings with Mersive Technology


Meetings and business go hand in hand. In the modern corporate world, meetings can take place anywhere. Whether it is in a simple huddle room, a fancy conference room or remotely, technology can improve the productivity and effectiveness of business and boardroom meetings. Here we take a look at how the boardroom experience can be enhanced with Mersive technology.

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The Boardroom: Anything but Boring

The huddle room is where brainstorming takes place. At a smaller size designed for around 6 to 8 people, the huddle room’s furniture is comfortable and durable for meetings and collaboration. In contrast, a boardroom is designed to impress and larger in scale. With technology seamlessly integrated into space, the boardroom creates an environment for executives to inspire confidence among investors and clients. No matter the setting, meetings rely on technology to serve as a conduit of information by providing visualization and audio capabilities. When technoloy is enhanced, meetings become more efficient and productive.

Meetings Enhanced by Mersive Technology

Mersive provides technological solutions on a global scale. One such innovation they provide is the Solstice Pod, a small piece of hardware that enables participants of a meeting to interactively display and share data across geographical borders. Remote meetings are not a new concept but they are greatly improved now that users are enabled to share and manage content equally. Capable of streaming unlimited media sources, the Solstice Pod is a scale-able solution with collaborative capabilities. It can accommodate connectivity and protect sensitive data at the same time.

This device improves communication between all participating parties by allowing everyone to join in the viewing and sharing of materials. The interactive experience of a successful meeting leaves employees, clients and investors feeling well informed as well as more involved. Now terabytes of data can be quickly accessed allowing for more time communicating and less time uploading and presenting. The Solstice Dashboard is an interactive management tool and display pallet that allows the administrator to centrally monitor and manage the entire meeting.

The purpose of meetings is to share information and come up with solutions.  When technology effectively enhances the communication, collaboration, and productivity of meetings, businesses can move forward with innovation and see a clear return on their investment. When meetings are improved, a business can inspire their workforce and potentially gain new investors and clients.

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