Logitech Rally Video Conferencing Systems: Which One is Right For You?

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One integral factor all companies have in common, especially in the past year, is the heavy reliance upon remote communication tools to create a hybrid workplace and sustain their business. This is precisely why Logitech offers three different video conferencing communication systems: the Rally Bar Mini, the Rally Bar, and the Rally Plus System. In this article, we’ll review all the features these systems have in common, as well as the highlights of each, so organizations can decide which tool best supports their business.

Rally Video Conferencing Systems

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Exceptional Function — All of Logitech’s Rally systems deliver a premiere communication experience through their Ultra-HD imaging system, exceptional optical accuracy, crystal clear video, and true-to-life colors. Of course, audio clarity is just as if not more important than visual clarity when it comes to effective communication in a conferencing environment. Logitech delivers here as well with their modular audio components (both mic pods and speakers) that can be placed wherever they’re needed. This flexible feature provides full audio coverage throughout a meeting space, with delivery of crisp, clear audio to every participant.     

Intelligent — Logitech’s RightSense technologies built into every Rally system offer thoughtful, proactive features designed to easily and automatically enhance meetings. Integrated with RightSense, is Logitech’s RightSight feature which auto-frames meeting participants regardless of their distance from the lens. The RightSound feature automatically suppresses background noise, auto-levels voices, and focuses on active speakers — all of which enhance vocal clarity. Lastly, Logitech’s RightLight feature intuitively prioritizes faces over the surrounding environment in order to deliver natural-looking skin tones. 

Attractive — The modular audio components of Rally systems, along with all the other components, are tastefully designed with premium finishes and thoughtful cable management. All of Logitech’s Rally systems are designed in such a way as to discretely enhance rather than detract from a room’s overall appearance.   

Integrative — Logitech designed their Rally systems to work with a wide variety of video conferencing software applications. Rally systems are either certified or compatible with the following

  • Zoom – certified
  • Skype for Business – certified
  • Google Hangouts Meet – certified
  • Microsoft Teams – compatible
  • BlueJeans – compatible
  • BroadSoft® – compatible
  • GoToMeeting® – compatible
  •  Vidyo™ – compatible
  • Cisco – compatible

Rally Bar Mini

The Rally Bar Mini, premiering in the Spring of 2021, is the ideal all-in-one video bar solution for small rooms. Although it is designed for smaller groups, the Rally Bar Mini is still mighty in features. Using both AI along with motorized pan and tilt, the Rally Bar Mini intuitively adapts to the dynamics of the meeting and focuses on the right action.

The Rally Bar Mini is simple to use, easily connecting to any Mac or PC via a USB port, with no additional software needed. For those who require a slightly larger huddle space, the Rally Bar Mini can expand to include up to two Rally mic pods.

Rally Bar

The Rally Bar also connects via USB and works with standard video conferencing software, along with other popular video conferencing applications including GoTo, RingCentral, and Pexip. A base Rally Bar system includes one of each of the following

  • Table hub
  • Display hub
  • Mic pod
  • Camera
  • Cabling

It offers expanded room coverage for medium-sized rooms, and includes six beamforming microphones and two speakers. It also supports two display monitors. The Rally Bar supports up to three additional Mic pods, with each pod supporting six additional meeting participants. A wall-mounting kit is available (at an extra cost) to mount the camera, speaker, two hubs, and cable-retention brackets. 

Rally Plus 

As its name implies, the Rally Plus has additional components that make it ideal for larger meetings. It also can connect via a PC or Mac, as well as Logitech’s RoomMate device. The Rally Plus adds a second speaker and an additional mic beyond the standard Rally Bar system. The overall system supports up to seven mic pods, ideal for meetings of up to 42 participants. 


Whether your organization accomplishes its best communication through small huddles, average-sized meetings, or through large groups, Logitech has a Rally system for every meeting size. Please contact us for more about Logitech’s premiere Rally systems.


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