Improving Communication and Collaboration with Vaddio Cameras


Now more than ever, organizations have a multitude of options available to them that help facilitate collaboration tasks and expand their choices of communication channels.  However, many companies still find their best work is accomplished through the more traditional channels that incorporate not just hearing or reading some text, but also the visual component of professional communication.  

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Visual Cues Increase Collaboration

The more an individual or a group of people employs the unique capabilities of each of their 5 senses, the more information they will have to arrive at an accurate perception.  When groups of people are all able to focus on charts, photos or other visual aids at the same time, the chances of successful collaboration increase exponentially as opposed to those who try to work with other individuals from their own corner.  Viewing recordings of meetings, seminars, and speeches also provides viewers with important visual cues such as facial expressions that cannot be discerned through hearing or text.


Vaddio Camera Systems – Easy and Flexible

Installing a professional camera system by Vaddio, is an excellent way to round out an organization’s communication capabilities.  They offer a variety of camera systems that work discretely in the background, while respecting their unique architectural requirements.  From their series of HD PTZ cameras and fixed camera systems, to their “Vaddio-ized” Sony and Panasonic PTZ camera systems, they have the ideal camera system that will meet the needs of every organization.

A Vaddio camera system provides an easy-to-install, scalable solution for:

  • Collaborating with others across the globe
  • Huddle sessions with colleagues disbursed throughout a building or campus
  • Expansion of learning opportunities through recording training room or classroom sessions
  • Providing a legal record of verbal communication

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