Logitech Rally Bar Mini vs. MeetUp: Which Is Better?

Logitech Rally Bar Mini vs Meetup1

Logitech is well-known in the technology industry. While you may first think of them as makers of keyboards and other computer accessories, they are breaking into video bars now as well. A video bar is essentially a device that looks similar to a soundbar but has a camera in the middle. Two of Logitech‘s video bars are the Rally Bar Mini and Meetup.

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Rally Bar Mini

Small is the name of the game when it comes to the Rally Bar Mini. It is a premier all-in-one video bar designed for small rooms. It is simple to set up, easy to use, visuals are true to life, it sounds incredible, is simple to manage, and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make insights.

It can be used for meetings where there isn’t a lot that needs to be captured. This is optimal for single-person or small group meetings. It has the benefits of being able to connect via USB to laptops with no additional software needed – supporting the BYOD (bring your own device) trend – as well as via built-in appliance mode in which no laptop is required.

Some features of the Rally Bar Mini are:

  1. Motorized pan and tilt with RightSight auto-framing, which means it will automatically detect people and include them in the frame
  2. Razor-sharp optics that appear at resolutions up to 4K
  3. AI viewfinder, which will persistently check for people and count the number of people in the room


The Logitech Meetup also thrives in small rooms. It is an all-in-one conference cam that has an ultra-wide lens that is perfect for holding meetings in small rooms. A helpful thing is that it has convenient mounts and is simple to set up.

The Meetup is also known for its RightSense Technologies. One of these is RightSound. This technology includes a beamforming mic array that captures speech and has auto-leveling of louder and softer voices while suppressing noise. It also has RightSight. This technology adjusts camera position automatically to find and frame everyone in the room. Rather than jumping from person to person, everyone is in the conversation all the time.

The Meetup also is great for maximizing space because it can be mounted on the wall. Even though that can make it farther away from you, there is no need to worry that the picture won’t be clear. It also has 5X zoom and premium camera optics, which will make the picture nice and crisp.

Finally, the device has an extended range, Bluetooth speakerphones, and the ability to take control of the automation if you want to change something.

Key Differences

There are several key differences between the Meetup and the Rally Bar Mini. They include:

  • The Meetup Certifications (Certified for Skype® for Business, Cisco Jabber™ compatible, Windows, Mac, Microsoft Cortana certified) 
  • The Rally Bar Mini Certifications (Certifications: Zoom™ Certified, Certified for Microsoft Teams as a USB device)
  • The Meetup has 3 camera presets, which can be selected and returned to by remote control
  • The Rally Bar Mini has an AI viewfinder camera for automatic scene awareness and auto-framing
  • No computer or laptop is required in appliance mode for the Rally Bar Mini
  • The Rally Bar Mini has 6 integrated beamforming microphones, whereas the Meetup has 3 


  • RightSense Technologies
    • RightLight provides natural skin tones for all participants
    • RightSight detects human figures and automatically frames them all into the picture
    • RightSound finds differences between human speech and other sounds, then suppresses background noise and auto-levels voices
  • Plug-and-Play USB connectivity
  • Ultra HD video
  • Beamforming mics
  • Expansion microphone-ready

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