Webex Room Bar vs Webex Room USB: How To Choose & What Are The Differences?

Whether in a huddle area or a corporate boardroom, the Cisco Webex Room USB and Webex Room Bar provide the industry-leading collaboration experience customers have come to expect from Cisco. Unique analytics provide invaluable data for resource planning, while easy deployment and maintenance capabilities enable firms to outfit and manage thousands of huddle spaces with sophisticated collaboration technologies seen in larger room systems. Together, these characteristics enable Cisco to lower the barriers to adoption and use while enabling the modern workplace’s preferred huddle work style. Webex Room USB and Room Bar provide a wealth of features and are meant to be cost-effective and readily scalable. So, what are the distinct differences between the Room USB and Room Bar? To point out the differences, we must first highlight their features.

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Webex Room USB

Huddle areas can benefit from the Cisco Webex Room USB Video Conference Unit’s smart video conferencing solution. You may leave your laptop at home since you can immediately access the straightforward user interface through your software client. This video conference camera device is a lighter version of the Webex Room Kit Mini.


  • Wireless sharing
  • BYOM device
  • Certified for Webex, Zoom and Teams
  • Signage mode
  • USB camera, microphone and speaker

You can manage your conference rooms, keep track of use, and add new devices using RoomOS, a powerful cloud-based operating system for Webex Rooms. When no meetings are going on, use the signage mode to activate your displays and show your corporate messaging. You may utilize your accustomed meeting setting in Webex, Microsoft Teams, or even Zoom. No more tools are required for this.

Webex Room Bar

The Webex Room Bar, Cisco’s most recent collaboration tool, can run your greatest video conferences. In addition to being portable and useful, it offers incredibly high-quality audio and video interactions with whomever you wish to meet. The simplicity of deployment has been a key consideration of this new solution. Without needing an engineering degree, you can now easily video-enable your meeting spaces!


  • Data compression protocol G.729, G.722.1, G.722, G.711
  • Table stand Room Navigator
  • HDMI video input
  • 12MP camera
  • Two color options
  • People focus and speaker tracking
  • Noise-canceling microphones
  • 90 days warranty
  • Seamless integration
  • HDMI/PC supports up to 4k

Room Bar is made to revolutionize your workspace for hybrid work with the freedom to attend any meeting, optimum camera views, clear stereo sound, extended audio pickup, dual-screen compatibility, and smooth USB-C passthrough.

Create a connected, intelligent workplace by video-enabling your rooms at scale with a collaboration kit that is simple to implement, fun to use, and reasonably priced to maintain.

Differences Between Room Bar and Room USB

There are some differences between Webex Room Bar and Room USB, including:

  • Webex Room Bar is designed for meeting rooms and huddle spaces of up to seven people, but the Webex Room USB is designed for huddled spaces of up to five people.
  • Webex Room Bar has a dual-screen support feature, while Room USB does not.
  • Webex Room Bar features a dual stereo speaker, while Room USB features a mono speaker.
  • Webex Room Bar comes with Webex’s Room Navigator, while the Room USB comes with a basic remote control.

Consider Webex Room Bar or Room USB for Your Conference Space

Despite their differences, the Webex Room USB or Room Bar bring high value to your workspace in terms of audio/video quality and usability. If you are interested in improving your virtual conference meetings with one or both solutions, or in learning more about the workplace technologies we offer, contact us now!

Webex Room Bar vs Webex Room USB: How To Choose & What Are The Differences? comparison chart

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