Cisco’s NEW Webex Room Bar vs Room Kit

Webex Room Bar vs Room Kit

With countless small meeting rooms to outfit, today’s organizations don’t have time to hunt for all the monitors, cameras, speakerphones, and other essential elements they require separately. The whole premise of transitioning to an agile meeting room setting is that it’s simple to set up your complete room environment in minutes.

Cisco’s new Webex Room Bar and Room Kit meet the demands of today’s businesses when it comes to quickly gaining access to video conferencing capabilities.

Let’s look at the distinctions between Webex’s Room Bar and Room Kit and what each can provide in today’s fast-paced business environments.

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Room Bar Features

The Webex Room Bar is a small but powerful room gadget that provides spectacular video collaboration, unrivaled flexibility, and inclusive meeting sessions. Room Bar is meant to revolutionize your workspace for hybrid work, with the ability to attend any meeting, optimum camera views, crisp stereo sound, dual-screen compatibility, and a smooth USB-C connection. Create a connected, intelligent workplace by video-enabling your rooms at scale with a video bar that is simple to set up, entertaining to use, and less expensive to operate. Here are the Cisco’s Room Bar features:

  1. A strong video bar with a single codec suited for huddle areas and conference rooms with up to seven people.
  2. Immersive, multi-platform meetings with a wide-angle lens camera and stereo speakers.
  3. Built-in noise-canceling microphones.
  4. External microphone input.
  5. Dual-screen compatibility.
  6. People focus and speaker tracking.
  7. Strong USB-C and HDMI passthrough.
  8. Third-party video interoperability.

Room Kit Features

Webex Room Kit offers sophisticated collaboration solutions with LCD panel displays to give your meeting room’s greater intelligence and practicality. The solutions are feature-rich and offer a great user experience, but they’re also reasonably priced and built to scale to all of your video conference rooms, whether they’re on-premises or in the Webex Cloud.

The Room Kits are designed with cloud computing in mind. They provide excellent end-user and administrative experiences in a manageable manner. Webex’s Room Kits have the following features:

Room Kit

Engineered for medium-sized offices with up to ten people, this integrated video bar features:

  1. Smart cameras.
  2. Built-in loudspeaker and microphone system, and is equipped with AI features.

Room Kit Plus

This kit can accommodate up to 14 persons in larger and deeper rooms. Features:

  1. Powerful Codec.
  2. Clever Quad Camera bar with adjustable pan-tilt-zoom cameras for unique AV deployments and presenter tracking, available as an integrator bundle.

Room Kit Pro

The most potent room kit ever devised for the biggest and most specialized spaces and comes with:

  1. Multiple displays.
  2. AI capabilities (Codec Pro and the clever Quad Camera Bar).
  3. Versatile pan-tilt-zoom cameras for unique deployments and presenter tracking.

Main Differences between Cisco’s New Webex Room Bar and Room Kit

The new Webex Room Bar is part of a new generation of meeting room gadgets meant to enable hybrid workplaces while also complementing and upgrading the Webex Room Kit experience.

It’s a feature-rich video bar that allows for outstanding video conferencing on every device and inclusive meeting experiences in your small-to-medium conference rooms.

The main difference between Cisco’s new Webex Room Bar and Room Kit is that the Room Bar features Webex’s Room navigator, including IoT sensors, intelligent controls, scheduling, and workplace management applications.


Despite their differences, Cisco’s new Webex Room bar and kit provide stunning video, limitless flexibility for small meeting rooms, and intelligent meeting experiences. Discover Webex’s robust video bar solutions that add elegance, convenience, and practicality to your workplaces. Cisco’s video endpoints make connecting to primary video conferencing services simple and easy.

To improve your virtual small meeting room experiences, Webex’s Room Bar and Room kit is a perfect addition to your conferencing amenities.

Reach out to us for more video conferencing solutions and office solutions that suit your business needs!

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