Introducing Shure P300: 3 Things You Need To Know

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Finding an audio conferencing software that balances ease of use with state-of-the-art features can be a difficult task, no matter what the size of the office is. The right system should be scalable, able to optimize based on different channels while still providing a superior quality experience overall.

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The Shure P300 fits these criteria to the tee – here are the three key things you need to know about it:

1. Optimized audio/video conferencing applications

The main feature that sets the system apart is its ability to optimize audio and video on applications based on IntelliMix DSP algorithms.

The system offers multiple channels for echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic gain control for a superior audio experience consistently. The system is able to handle multiple participants and different types of collaboration smoothly, ensuring an optimized experience is provided for users.

2. Ease of connection

Whether you need to connect to a room system or work on different collaborations across devices like laptops, the P300 is able to meet these demands. With different solutions such as Dante (i.e. 10 in/2 out), Analog, USB, and mobile, connecting with others has never been easier.

Whether you need multiple participants to join and/or connect different devices in order to facilitate better meetings, the P300 offers flexible solutions to allow for that without losing the overall quality of the experience.

3. Easily able to scale

Offices are never static, and there are always times when equipment needs to move and be nimble enough to fit a multitude of requirements. The P300 is scalable and nimble in that manner, with a compact form that is easily able to mount without an equipment rack.

Moreover, it also outstrips the need for an outboard power supply, making it that much easier to scale the system with your business. As businesses grow and change, it is critical to have systems that are able to grow with the business rather than becoming obsolete quickly – the P300 is a system that easily allows for this kind of growth.

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