Evolve Your Meeting Room Bookings with Evoko’s New Automation System

evoko naso cloud-based room manager

The office landscape is changing, so it is up to us and new technology to keep up with this rapidly changing environment. Part of that change is a shift in the physical space where people work.

As some companies choose to do part-time remote, they have downsized their building or sometimes merged buildings with other businesses. While this is great for cost savings, it can cause problems, especially when two meetings want to use the same room simultaneously. This can also be a common issue in public spaces like libraries and community centers. So what can you do to ensure everyone gets time in your meeting rooms without overlapping? Evoko’s new cloud-based room manager is the answer to meeting room management. 

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Main Features

You will love the physical and digital features this product offers in a compact console.  


Outlook Integration: With the Microsoft Outlook add-in, you can book a room from your laptop and search for rooms based on space and available resources within the room. 

Remote Admin Access: An admin can control multiple rooms from one access point with remote administrative access. Administrators can manage data like visitor information, user settings, and analytics from one place. They can also update room specs like capacity and equipment availability in real-time. 

Mobile App: The Naso mobile app allows users to check out room specs and book rooms on the go. In addition, it is integrated with Microsoft teams for seamless communication about room location and specifications. 

User-Friendly Interface: This system wouldn’t be worth anything if it didn’t have a customer-facing user interface that is simple for everyone to use. The dashboard reads like other tablets and shows vital information like if the room is occupied, its subsequent scheduled use, and which meetings are taking place. They also show you future meetings on an easy-to-read calendar and allow users to book meetings on the spot for available rooms. 


Visually Appealing: While the software is the heart of the room-management system, it wouldn’t be anything without the hardware. The LED halo frame is eye-catching and makes the console easy to find and read, no matter the lighting situation. 

evoko naso room booking mobile app

Other Features

There is a lot to admire about Evoko’s room manager, but the most remarkable feature may be the built-in proximity sensor. The console can sense how close you are and will display a new layer of information as you get closer to interact with it. 

Perfect Size: At 195 x 195 x 35mm, the wall-mounted console doesn’t take up any more room than a standard room number wall plaque. 

Wall Mounting: Wall mounting hardware and a glass wall mount come standard with every console, and it is easier to mount than a TV. 

Two Options: The wall console is perfect for room management, but a separate desk console allows users to reserve time at a desk. 

Connection: The console connects through 5-way cabling and can connect to the internet through ethernet or WiFi. It is powered by Power over Ethernet or a 5VDC power supply that is sold separately. 

Why Do I Need Room Management?

A room management device may seem like a luxury, but it will only become more essential as business spaces evolve. When time is money, you can’t risk not having a space to conduct crucial meetings. Evoko’s cloud-based room manager and software ensure that everyone is organized and you have the tools you need for the most productive meeting possible. Consider even more options by adding desk-reservation consoles for a suite of interconnected reservations that keep business and community centers organized and ensure everyone in your building is happy and productive. Contact us today to learn more about this cloud-based room manager solution!

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